God’s Battles

This is going to be a mini-rant. Lol. I don’t really rant on this blog but this just got me. I was going to post this tomorrow but I am very impatient so I’ll just go ahead and post it because I am very passionate about this for some reason. (Mother Nature is passing through. Lol. TMI? I’m sorry)

I was on Linda Ikeji’s blog about two days ago just to get the daily scoop on what’s going on in Nigeria and in the world as well and one of the stories was that the actress, Laverne Cox was the first transgendered person to be on the cover of TIME Magazine. She spoke on how she was being bullied because of her orientation. 

Now, trusting my Nigerian people to always have something to say, I decided to look through the comments. One of the first things I saw was: ‘WHO IS BULLYING WHO HERE? YOU MISS TRANSGENDER. YOU ARE BULLYING GOD WHO TOOK HIS TIME TO MAKE YOU A MAN. YOU, UNGRATEFUL BRAT! (This is just an excerpt from the comment).

Now, I try my very best to not say things about these sort of topics because they are very confrontational (Confrontational? Not sure if that’s the right word but I mean that many people have different things to say about them) but I couldn’t help but react because of this comment.

My first reaction was laughter. I laughed so hard, I probably woke up my housemates. How could you say a person is bullying God? Think about it guys. Lol..I laughed again.

Then I started getting really angry and I think I got a bit more angry than I should have because of this thing called ‘PMS’..LOL! I was literally shouting at the screen.

This is why I got really upset. Listen, God is not asking you to fight his battles for Him. He is not asking you to judge another for Him. That is HIS JOB, not yours.

YOUR JOB is to live according to His word to the best of your ability. Don’t look down on others because to be honest, you are not any better. The fact that you don’t agree with someone else’s lifestyle does not give you the AUDACITY to judge them. Who do you think you are to sit down and pass judgements? Is that what God sent you to do on earth?

At the end of the day, all sins will end up in the same place. Why are you disturbing yourself over someone else’s life? FACE YOUR OWN. Life is a race and the goal is Heaven. Run your Race to the best of your ability. Show love to others and if you can win people over for God in a peaceful way, do so.

Do not do God’s JOB for Him. He is more than capable of doing His job himself. 

2 thoughts on “God’s Battles

  1. This is exactly what I try to explain to all the judgemental people I happen to come across. We’re all created to be unique in terms of perception as well as what we deem right and wrong. Deciding to change his physical form might be wrong however claiming that this person is bullying God sounds like blaspheme to me. Also, is this not an insult to our supreme King that a man that he created is capable of ‘bullying’ Him? This is why I never read comments on Linda Ikeji’s blog 😡

    1. I’m telling you..people be crazyyyy…! like forreal though…Let people live their lives the way they want to live it..No one has any right to judge them. I am so glad that I am not the only one that feels this way dear..xx

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