10 Things I Want To Say To A Black Man

Spoken word has been my rock these past few days and I can’t just keep them to myself. I feel the need to share them because they are very inspiring.

I found this poem by a woman named Falu and I love black women who know their poetry because they make you feel it deep down in your spirit. They are the ones that inspire me to keep writing. Spoken word, to me, is a blessing to the universe.

Anyway, here she gives you ten things that she would want a black man to know and I completely agree with her. The first half is about the beauty of the man and the second half kind of talks about a man’s relations with a woman. I’ll leave a transcript down below for those that prefer to read it.

10 things I want to say to a black man
1. There’s always been this awkward hue of brown that I love about you; The admirable transparency of your chest sometimes at night we lay; I watch the slaves hang themselves; even they are aware that only you can bare such a burden.

2. I watch you…on the sacred pew seats of the A train, legs ajar, feathered loose around your neck; My breath on your adam’s apple blowing in sin; I ain’t never been ashamed of what we do in the dark.

3. There is something about the skin of a black man that will make a woman squeeze herself into a box of his DNA; Something about your eyes that makes me want to collect your tears for Kool-Aid; You are magic; Always magic.

4. Sometimes in the middle of the week, I pretend to be your lover; The heavy of you on my chest, remove your suspenders; Heels on; I wore a dress for you. I said a prayer for you. I unpinned my hair for you. I crossed my legs for you. I am silent for you and you…, well you look beautiful all the time and I know that beautiful is a woman’s word but you are beautiful…

5. You catch me staring. My eyes bleeding through you pleading with the universe to ‘touch not my anointing and do my prophets no harm’…

6. Did I say that I too was magic? and that I’m just trying to make your valley of dry bones live…I’m just trying to hum you the (somme?)that has taken up residence in the scar of my C-section and climb the ladder of your spine…I’m trying to put the collage back into your knees…Brother, I would clean my house for you, run in the rain for you…I mean, do you know what happens to a black girl’s hair in the rain? but this is not about pride or greed or lust or envy but about sacrifice and sacrifice alone; Did I say that I was from a different breed of magicians?

7. Promise me that you would not promise things a man should not unless he is in fact a man; example: Do not promise me your heart, your last name, monogamy, poetry; Do not promise me the truth and then lie cause I will set your valley of dry bones on fire; Did I say that I was from a different breed of magicians?

8. Women are silly and emotional. If in fact you find a woman that is serious and emotionless, she is insane.

9. Do you remember how small you felt the first time you stood beside the ocean? How the mist from the waves wrapped around your neck like the hands of a former lover; The breaking tide against your forehead; The massage it gave your brows; Well, I’ve got those hands. Long fingers that would stagger around your eyes. I tell you the smell is a mixture of want and need and salt and tears like ocean and lake; a sea of (wet?), I swear to God, I hope that I remind you of water, of purity, of baptism.

10. You can swim…can’t you?

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