The Story of She

by dolly21


she loved him

she loved him more than anyone she had ever known

more than herself

more than beans and rice

more than Lenon loved Ono

more than Johnny loved June

more than Bonnie loved Clyde

she could give him the whole world

she couldn’t bear to see herself with anybody else

she’d rather die than let anyone else touch her body

she could sacrifice her happiness for his

because her true happiness was his

she was sure of her love for him

but he…..

he said he loved her

he said he cared

but she didn’t believe him

because though she loved

she didn’t know how to receive love

so she could never really tell the difference

between true love and infatuation

and that is what made her story so sad

that she will never be really sure of what love is

she felt like she lacked love

and all she could do to make up for it

was loving harder

but then

what good is love or passion

when you’ll never know how to accept it