The first time I read something that Tomi wrote, I was blown away. It’s ridiculous how good he is. I love his work and I respect him as a person. This is Tomi


I am like the pronoun ‘I’.

I stand by myself in a world of ‘we’ and ‘them’.

But I love ‘we’ and ‘them’. I love us.

I am a force to be reckoned with in some of my daydreams;

In most of them, I am a fickle man-child trying to conquer fear.

Fear for tomorrow’s uncertainty, fear of public speaking,

Fear of unfulfilled expectations,

And ultimately, the fear of being afraid.

I am the one who awakens when the sun rises

And flirts with insomnia when the sun sets.

I am the giddy, optimistic, confused,

Often melancholic, sometimes doubtful,

Loved by Jesus, faith-consumed person.

I am less than what you think and greater than what I think.

In every description of myself, ‘I am’ is constant.

I am; that is what I am;

After ‘am’ is a variety of greatness and insecurities too many to mention,

Too complex to divulge.

My odyssey is to discover who I am.

I am.



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