I don’t exactly remember how I came across Lateefah’s writing but I am glad. She has made poetry so loveable in my eyes and don’t even get me started on her art. To round us off on this entire series, Here is Lateefah.


Lots of times I’ve asked myself questions like;
Who am I really?, what do people see when they look at me?

I am someone who most would describe as a bore, a snub,
I might come across as being too placid,
But I’m just reserved,
I’d rather be at the corner of a room,
Trying not to look too good or sound too wise,
I try to present a calm demeanour, belying my true emotions
Calmness resonates with each breath I take,

I let future plans worry me more than current preoccupation,
Thoughts bouncing around my head like pinballs,
Thinking through my actions to avoid complications or stress,
I am someone who neither foes nor family can hurt,
I try no to rely on anyone; the independent one,

I dare to dream,
A thirst for adventure close to my heart,
I want to love hard, laugh hard and travel freely,
Explore the world, wander aimlessly,
and live life like everyday is my last,
But of course life is far more complicated,
so I embrace all of my bad experiences,
And let it fuel my body and mind,
which helps me get stronger,

My reflection catches me off guard each time,
Each day I’m older, more experienced, stronger
Not quite where I want to be yet, but I can see changes,
My road map to success is not fully drawn,
I might have not fully found myself,
I’m satisfied with who I am at this point,
and the woman I’m trying to become.

I am creative, imaginative,
I am comfortable with change,reserved
I am Beautiful
I am me

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