A few months ago, I was in a really really dark place. I wanted to die. Getting hurt is never easy. I kept on seeing visuals in my head and they almost destroyed me.

Not only was I hurt by the one person I had given all of me to, I was also hurt by someone I considered a friend. I mean, I have sort of moved on from it and it doesn’t really hurt anymore but its something that I can never forget.

That feeling of not being good enough can really mess with your head, you know. I have grown to see this incident as a learning experience and in a way, I am grateful for it happening because I have really changed but at the time, it wasn’t easy.

This song describes exactly how I was feeling at the time and even sometimes, when I listen to it, memories come flooding back. However, I understand that it had to happen for me to understand certain things about life.

I used to blame myself for it happening. I thought it was all my fault but now I realise that I was not to blame at all. Those that hurt me just didn’t know how to handle something as great as me.

In a way, I am at peace with it and I understand.

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