The Death of Switch

Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.ashx

So basically, I wrote this really insane story early yesterday morning. It started out as an idea and before I knew it, the story developed a life of its own. Lol. In a way, the story doesn’t make much sense but I decided that I’ll share it with you guys anyway because you lot are oh so understanding. Enjoy!

Everyone has a weakness.
And for the longest time, Switch had tried to let go of anything that could make her weak
Relationships, Family, Friends, Locations, anything at all.
However, as a human drops a weakness, something else slowly makes its way up as one.
And switch’s weakness was, believe it or not, the red velvet cake made by Pendejo’s in Armon city.
Work took her everywhere.
She was a trained assassin and she was the best in her field.
It helped that she absolutely loved her job.
She loved the rush of adrenaline she felt when she watched life drain from her victim’s eyes.
She loved inventing new ways to perform this art.
She once killed someone with the thorn from a rose.
All she had to do was poison it.
She was clean.
She didn’t like guns very much.
She only used them when she felt like she had absolutely run out of options which was ever so rare.
She also felt that guns were for weaklings; for people who didn’t make an effort
Guns were too easy and they could also be traceable if there were mistakes.
She wanted to do something to make her feel like she was making an effort,
Like dissolving a body in acid.
She had grown up homeless and alone and had to find ways to fend for and defend herself.
That is until she met H who promised her a better life.
He taught her History, Literature, Art, Math, Languages and even Music.
The job required her to be very knowledgable.
He also taught her how to kill.
He taught her how to use guns and other techniques such as making a murder appear as a suicide.
She had never had anyone pay so much attention to her and so she wanted to please H.
And so she worked hard to impress him and it worked.
He was proud of her and in time she became a part of his organisation.
She had caused the deaths of many politicians and millionaires.
She didn’t ask questions.
She went where the money was.
And now in Armon city, she had to destroy a man.
Coming here always made her feel good.
She never stayed in the same hotel twice.
And she made sure to never form any attachments.
H had also taught her to never form any relationships with anyone, even him.
Even now, they only spoke once a year.
When he wanted to give her a job, he left her code messages through the most random people.
Could be the mailman or the concierge.
In truth, these people had no idea that they were delivering these messages.
Armon City had made her feel something she never felt elsewhere.
And the day she tasted Pendejo’s red velvet cake,
She was in heaven.
And she made sure she ate it anytime she came around.
It was the one thing, she let her guard down for.
It is little wonder that when death came for her,
it came in the form of Pendejo’s red velvet cake.

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