Beach Life


It’s amazing how different people can be
And yet we can somehow think the same way.
Different people with different backgrounds
converging in one spot to feel sane
because there is just something about a huge body of water
that reminds us all that life could be much worse
and we should appreciate what we got.

There are the crazy teenage girls who just want to take insane selfies
For memories and for instagram of course.

There are the crazy teenage boys who just want to throw pebbles in the water
and take a lovely swim.

There are the lovers who are coming here to remind themselves that
maybe someday their love could be as wide and deep as the ocean.

Then, you see the old geezer with his shirt off,
enjoying the water.
And just as you start to feel a tiny bit disgusted,
you turn around and you see his wife give him a smile.
And then you realise that she still finds him as sexy as the first time she met him.

Then, there are those who just stare at the waters,
maybe wondering how it would feel to be that free.

And then there is me,
who just wants to sit
and find some inspiration
and write
and tell myself that maybe there is some place over these waters that is just right for me.

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