I have been very inspired by the ‘we are here’ movement that Alicia Keys has started. If you don’t know what it is, keep reading because I am about to break it down for you.

Alicia Keys released this song recently to promote peace in the world especially in light of what is going on in Gaza at the moment and also the issues that Nigeria is facing with the whole #BringBackOurGirls situation. I don’t think I have really witnessed so much calamity going on in the world as I have seen in recent times.

ISIS is beheading people and broadcasting it to the world, children are being kidnapped in Nigeria and innocents are being killed in Gaza and its extremely sad to witness all of this.

In this video, Alicia Keys gave an explanation as to why she wrote this beautiful song. It started with a question: Why Are You Here?

When you think about it, this question is really deep and I thought about it for days before coming up with the answer that I put above.

‘I AM HERE TO GIVE AND RECEIVE HAPPINESS’. Making people happy is something I enjoy. A warm feeling comes over me when I see that I put a smile on someone’s face. That feeling is so beautiful that I get moved to tears almost all the time. It’s one of the things that motivates me to keep writing because when I get messages from people saying, ‘Thank you’ or ‘You have inspired me’, It is the most beautiful feeling.

However, there was a point in my life that I wasn’t happy. I enjoyed making people happy but I couldn’t find it in me to be happy. After a while, I realised that I too, deserve happiness and I am in this world not only to give it but to receive as well.

I decided to take part in this movement because I am inspired by it and I stand and believe in what Alicia Keys is promoting. There is too much devastation going on in the world and with each one of us coming together and standing together, its a step in the right direction.

I implore everyone that reads this to take part in this movement and join hands with the rest of us to promote peace.

P.S. Alicia Keys is giving me ‘hippie’ and ‘Alicia Keys 2001’ with her hair and I am LOVINGGGGG it.

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