by dolly21


I felt the need to write today
Actually, I was reading about George Orwell
And just felt somewhat inspired

By the way, I recently just discovered that George Orwell
Was actually a pseudonym
It wasn’t his real name
His real name was Eric Blair
That was actually pretty interesting

And oh…

George Eliot

was a woman!

Amazing right?

Her real name was Mary Ann Evans
She used a male pen name
so that her work will be taken seriously

I realised that people like to believe sometimes
that things are simply black and white
but honestly, I really wish it was that simple
Things are not always black and white
There’s always a grey area

There’s that area that makes you question
If everything you ever believed was true

It’s kind of like
how a lot of people believe that
a person who takes the life of another
should go to prison for the rest of his/her life
or worse, should die.

However, what will you say about
the teenager who kills his father
to protect his mother?

The boy had endured abuse all his life…
He was just trying to not watch his mother get killed

What now can we say?

That’s why God remains the ultimate judge.

We, humans are not perfect…
And things…
Are never simply black and white