Two years ago,

January 7th to be exact,

I was feeling very moody.

I was not feeling like myself, i was unhappy and I felt like

the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

So, I decided to start a blog that I named

‘Diary of a lost teen’.

At the time, it made sense because, I was 17 years old

And I felt lost in the world.

I felt like I could make it a blog that other teenagers like myself could relate to.

So, I started to write and my blog was born.

Over time, I felt like I had outgrown my blog url

I wanted something that sounded sophisticated

And showed who I was

So, I changed it to ‘Belle Ame Noire’,

which means ‘Beautiful Dark Soul’.

To celebrate my coming of age and two years of owning this blog,

I changed the name about three days ago to

‘Dolly Writes’ and I plan to never change the name again.

This blog is like my baby; It is my child

It has been like a journal for me;

A recording of my life experiences

My successes, My failures, My heartbreaks, My insecurities

Every single post on this blog

is a reflection of something that I have been through.

No matter how many times I change the name,

The content always remains the same,

My story so far remains the same.

I have met some amazing people through blogging.

I met Akunna, who is just beautiful inside and out and writes with so much emotion

I met Tomi, who is the sweetest guy ever and writes poetry that will make you praise God

I met Lateefah, who is just amazingly talented both in writing and in art

I met Hakeem, partly through instagram and partly through this blog

And he is just someone that I look up to and learn from all the time.

I have connected with people

That have been so moved by what I write that it brings me to tears

I feel so blessed and so humbled that I can do this

And all in all, Writing has saved my life.

Doing this; Being able to do this is a gift and I am thankful.

I have had over 3000 views from more than 25 different countries…

Might not seem very much to some others but it is a lot to me.

I have come such a long way since 2013.

My writing has greatly improved.

I have changed.

If you read from when i started till now, You will see that.

I know I’m far from being the best,

But believe me, I try and I try and I try.

Thank you to every one that has read any post that I have ever written

I am so grateful

And thank God

For keeping me alive to be writing this post two years later.

I’ll bring more

I’ll write more.



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