When I was a little girl, I loved cartoons.

Watching cartoons was the highlight of my day.

I could not wait to come home from school every day and watch cartoons.

And watch again after lessons,

And watch again after homework and dinner,

And watch again in between trying to convince my mum

That I smelt good and didn’t need a night bath (which never worked anyway)

And getting ready for bed.

For me, cartoons were my world.

I mean, do you see the way Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

Destroyed Mojo-Jojo and HIM?

Or how Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery Inc.

always seemed to catch the bad guy at the end of the day?

Or how Ed, Ed & Eddie were magically able to fit a jawbreaker

the size of a bowling ball in their mouths?

Or how Fred Flintstone learned how to drive a car with his feet?

I could go on and on.

They took me away from reality.

Made me believe that anything is possible.

I wondered how it was possible for adults to outgrow that.

Well, during this cartoon-savvy time of my life,

I discovered the tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy was amazing.

She gave children money. Now what was the criteria for this?

Well, when a child’s tooth falls,

All the child has to do is to put that tooth under the pillow

And the tooth fairy will come at night when the child is sleeping

And make a trade.


I could make money? Just from something natural that happened to me?

Well, okay then.

Time to do some business with the tooth fairy!

So, one day when my tooth fell,

I put the tooth under my pillow

In hopes to wake up to money that I could use to buy candy.

Well, the next day, I woke up early, eager to see my money


No Money!

I didn’t understand.

Why was my tooth still there? Why didn’t the tooth fairy come?

Maybe she got lost, or forgot to check or maybe morning came too early.

Well, I decided to try again next time.

And I did!


And again…

And again…


It took a while for me to realise that,

The tooth fairy wasn’t coming

There was no tooth fairy!

It dawned on me that she did not exist.

I had to face the reality.

I later discovered that, parents were the ones that kept the money there

The tooth fairy really didn’t exist.

I was forced to face a reality that I wasn’t ready for.

But you know what, it taught me.

Life is not roses and butterflies.

I mean, we want to believe that it is but it really isn’t?

We have to understand that shit happens sometimes.

You know, terrible things happen

But so do good things,

It’s just about accepting and learning as they come.

Some wounds will be hard to heal.

Some might never heal completely, it might leave a scar

But with each passing day, we learn to live with it.

That’s what makes life, LIFE.

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