I had a dream.

I sort of knew how I wanted my life to turn out. I wanted to study Journalism in uni and then when I graduate, I do my masters degree and then I’ll get a job and then I’ll get married and have children. It’s simple enough, isn’t it?

It seemed that this dream was about to become a reality. I got into uni and I started to study Journalism and English Literature and I felt, ‘Wow, I am exactly where I want to be’.

Now, I’m in my final year and I absolutely hate my course. I am not enjoying it and I am not having the passion that I had earlier on. It’s like, this isn’t me. My future now seems very foggy. What am I going to do?

Sometimes, I sit in silence and then its like the silence is shouting back at me. It’s telling me, ‘What are you going to do with your life?’ ‘Will I be the success I want to be?’ and I am starting to feel very lost in the world.

I spoke to a bunch of my friends about this and they said that they feel the same way. Uni sucks sometimes.

Am I scared? Very. I want to be the best I can be and right now, I am scared that that dream is very far from me.

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  1. Aww dolly. I have experienced this in my past life (open to many interpretations), and I still feel the same way sometimes. Look at it this way, you’ll be through in a few months. You have some time to search deep for the passion you once had, or for a new path. Either ways, try not to let it affect your progress. The fact that you are afraid of the future often means you care about it, and ‘caring’ is a good start towards progress. ā¤

    1. Awww…thanks Tomi. Loool @past life. It’s just I don’t know what I have passion for anymore. I chose this course cause I felt like this was the only thing i could do and now that I don’t love it anymore, It’s like where do i go from here?

  2. Keep your heads up!

    I’ve been through this so many times before and all I do is to just stick with it and get it done and over with. Maybe new opportunities will come your way while you going through this rough patch, you wouldn’t know šŸ™‚

    Whatever it is, I wish you luck in your final year in Uni šŸ™‚

    I hope you’ll make it out of this feeling great!

    You got my support! Have a beautiful week

  3. Dolly my baby, I feel like you’re writing exactly what’s in my head right now concerning losing your initial passion. However the only thing constant is change. It’s a good thing you realised you’re no more interested in journalism now..imagine this happened during masters or while you already took up a job in that field šŸ˜¢. Whatever route you decide to take, I want you to believe that God knew you before you even started trying to carve out a career path and he already knew your end from the beginning. Don’t stress my love xx

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