No Point Breaking Bad Without PEACE

Source: Curiosity Folks
Source: Curiosity Folks

I finally joined the movement!

After so much hype and promotion by many, I finally decided to watch ‘Breaking Bad’.

I have to say, it is a great show – not the greatest I have seen, but great nonetheless.

After so much dedication and commitment to watching the show, I can say that there was one great lesson I took from it and that is:

There is absolutely nothing in this world like your peace of mind

For those that have not seen the show, I will give you a little breakdown on what it is about.

So, there is a man named Walter White who is a high school chemistry teacher that has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.

With cancer, comes rounds of chemotherapy and radiation and just a really difficult and expensive process.

Now, Walter White does not make enough money to be able to cover this process. So, he teams up with a former (not-so-bright) student of his, Jesse Pinkman to start cooking crystal meth to sell and make money.

Now, at first the idea was to make enough money to take care of his treatment and also take care of his family should he die.

However, even when he started getting better and he had made quite enough money, he became very greedy.

He wanted more and more.

Now, the thing with selling drugs is that it is all dealt with in cash.

Now, Mr. White made so much money – over one million dollars – but it was in cash.

Now, you can’t take that sort of money to the bank because you could be charged with money laundering.

So, Mr. White bought a car wash where he could launder his money through but even then, there is just so much that a car wash can make.

He also couldn’t start living as large as he wanted to because people will start questioning how he made his money and then the police could get involved.

Now, my question is: ‘What is the point of making so much money without being able to spend it the way you like?’

He did not have peace of mind. He kept on looking over his shoulder and not just from the police but also other drug dealers too.

I would not ever want to be in a situation whereby I cannot enjoy myself or a situation where I have to be afraid.

If there is one thing i have learned, it is that no amount of money in the world can buy your peace of mind.

This is why, in everything we do, we need to make sure that it does not ruin our peace.

Peace is a beautiful thing and it is so much easier to live and enjoy life when you’re at peace.

And the peace of God which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

– Philippians 4:7 (NIV)

Feast your eyes on the season 1 trailer of Breaking Bad below:

Available on Netflix

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