A Letter To My Future Self

Source: Kimberly Yager
Source: Kimberly Yager

Dear Dolly,

10 years from now, you will be 29 years old and will be turning the big 3-0 in a few months. Wow, what a journey! These are the ten things that I hope that you would have achieved during this wonderful time in your life.

. I hope that you settle into a job that you love. A job that makes you happy and gives you a reason to wake up every morning. Passion is your driving force and I hope that you find something that makes you so passionate.

. I hope that you find a great love in your life. I hope that you meet someone that you love and loves you back in return. I hope that you get the love that you truly deserve and you meet someone who loves you, elevates you, accepts you for all that you are and makes you extremely happy.

. I hope that you learn to love yourself. I hope that you understand that your flaws make you who you are and that imperfection is beauty. I hope that you realise that you are totally beautiful inside and out and you learn to love the person that you are and realise that your mistakes don’t define you but have all been a part of your journey. I hope that you become a strong, confident woman who is well on her way to conquering the world.

. I hope that you learn to understand God. I hope that you get to a point where no one has to explain to you who God is because you will already know who He truly is in your heart. I hope you learn that He has always had your back from the start and has rooted for you and I hope that you become the woman that He always knew that you would be.

. Your mind changes a lot so I don’t know if you would be ready for children yet. However, as of right now, I believe that at 29, you would love to have had your first child. I hope that your baby is healthy and all you dreamed he/she will be. Remember the names we’ve picked out? Lol..Well, even if your mind has changed then..I hope you still consider the old ones and why we picked them in the first place.

. I really do hope that you have travelled to at least five new countries. You have always wanted to see Italy, Hawaii, Greece,Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and I hope that by 29, you would have seen all these countries by then. A little ambitious? Maybe…but it is not something you cannot handle. See the world and enjoy its beauty because life is too short and there is so much out there to explore.

. Remember to always keep in touch with your friends. I believe that some of them will be married by then and have a bunch of gubbers, so make sure you snatch that godmother spot as quick as possible because you want them to learn about life from their Aunty Dolly.

. Call your siblings from time to time. Make sure that they are doing well and always be there for them when they need you to be.

. Make sure that you have taken your mum on a great vacation. She has her own house and her own car but you know the one thing she loves most is a wonderful vacation where she can relax. Take her on one to a country she has never been to before. Maybe one of the Caribbean Islands. I have no doubt in my mind that that will be the ultimate vacation. Call your dad all the time. I know you both disagree a lot but he is a good father so call him, visit him and send him a nice gift every now and then. He would love that.

. Above all, Adedolapo, I hope to God that you will be the happiest you have ever been. It’s not been easy. I know. Depression is always in the way. So, I really hope that you would have gotten over it by then and you would be healed in every aspect of your life.

You are great and you are loved.

Always remember that.

Love always,

19 year old, Dolly.

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2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Future Self

  1. Love you always too, from the 20 year old Ha. I will keep an eye and remind you if you forget any of these things in your future self haha. Miss you love!

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