Real Men Don’t Hit Women


i am so sad. I have no strength in me right now to even be angry. I am just heartbroken. So, this wonderful young woman named Emma Murphy shared this heartbreaking video on her Facebook page where she spoke about the abuse that she had endured from her former partner. Having two children with this man did not stop him from becoming a monster. My heart just hurts not just for her, but for every woman that has to endure any kind of abuse. It’s just not right.

I am glad that she had the strength to speak up, to share her story and to walk away. That takes real courage. People can judge when looking at a situation from the outside but when you’re in it, it’s a completely different story and so I am so proud that she had the strength to see that she is worth more than this.

Ladies, please we are strong and we don’t need anyone defining who we are because God has made us strong and beautiful. I also do realise that, though it’s not very common, some men do suffer abuse. I want to also use this medium to reach out to men in these situations and to say that you are worth so much more.

Real Men do not hit women. Let us raise awareness against domestic violence.


UK –

US – the (1-800-799-7233 )

AUSTRALIA – (1800 737 732)

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