Nominated For An Award

by dolly21

Hi guys,

So I am in a very good mood because some amazing news came my way last night.

So, I was in my room last night lying down on my bed and just being lazy. I did not have a very good day yesterday because I was feeling overwhelmed. I was beginning to feel very done with school, with myself, with life in general because these last two years have been very very trying for me. Yesterday, I had started to feel like a complete loser. I cried a lot and I prayed a lot and I was angry a lot. Long story short, it was just a very draining day for me.

Then, just when everything seemed to fall apart, I got a message from a friend of mine. She messaged me on Snapchat and was saying “Aww, dolly, why didn’t you tell me you were nominated?” And I was like, “Nominated for what? What are you talking about?” I thought maybe she sent a message to the wrong person or she was just playing. Then, she said fI was nominated for a Nigerian Teen Choice Award for ‘Choice Online Blogger.’

Now, for the last couple of days, i had been hearing about this award show but i did not pay much attention to it. The award show was yesterday and I was seeing it on social media but I wasn’t into it as much. Then, getting that message from my friend, I was very confused. She called me and said that she went for the award show and she heard my name called out. I was like “Are you sure? Are you sure its me?” She said she was 100% sure. I said: “How did I not know about this?”. She said she only just found out at the show. I was so confused but I did not want to celebrate yet or jubilate until i had seen the nomination list myself. I called my sister and as a social media G, she found the nomination list in like two minutes on Instagram and I was like: “Whoa!”

Now see, this blog is my baby. This blog is everything to me. I am crying again as I am writing this. Lol. I have been sharing my thoughts, my stories, my life for the past two years. Every single thing on this blog has been a part of me. I have never really pulled that much people to this blog. I do the best I can to promote it. I share it on my social media pages and I also subscribed to a blog community that helps to promote it on twitter and Facebook but I have never really blown up like that.

Seeing that nomination last night, it just brought tears to my eyes. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it soon enough. If I had known, i would have tried to get people to vote for me. However, I am okay with this nomination. I am so thankful. I did not think that anyone thought that my work was that good. I didn’t even think I was that good and to see this, I am so humbled.

I believe God chose that moment for me to find out to let me know that I should not quit. He reminded me of a motto that I have been using for the last couple of days: “Where there is life, there is hope.” He was telling me not to give up and to carry on. Though it might seem like I am sinking into the ground, sometimes, He is there for me all the day.

I am so thankful and humbled. Thank you to all of you that read my blog, like, write comments and encourage me. You guys are amazing. I would not get a nomination if not for you guys. You guys are just wonderful. I am so blessed to have such amazing readers. You guys are my family and I love you all.

Thank you all for reading. This has encouraged me and I would keep on going. God bless you all.