Dolly Diaries – Michael Jackson, Felling Fat & Scared of Finishing Uni

by dolly21

Hi guys,

So I started to do something different. I always have a lot of things going on in my head and sometimes, I like to air them out. In most cases, I sit in my room and I start talking to myself because I have no one to hear what I want to say because it doesn’t make sense half the time. So, I decided to share with those that come here to read my blog. I see this as something different and just a way of letting you guys see things from my point of view and I hope you enjoy listening to my thoughts.

So, in this diary, I talk about Michael Jackson and how I still feel a sense of loss over his death. I also talk about my feelings of adding a little weight and I talk about how scary it is to finish University. i hope you guys enjoy it.