Starting Over!

Yesterday was a very strange and frustrating day for me. To begin with, my school internet wasn’t working, so I had to start looking for ways to get some internet for myself. I was able to use my phone as a hotspot for a while but after a couple of hours, I couldn’t use it anymore. So, i had to find a way to bring my mobile broadband to life which wasn’t successful until today.

All through yesterday – as I kept thinking about how terrible the universe was to me – something at the back of my mind said, I was missing something. I was wondering if there was some sort of celebration I was missing. I remembered it was my mate’s birthday and I sent her a message. However, that wasn’t it because I kept thinking there was something happening but it wasn’t coming to me.

It was later in the night that I realised that September 18th, 2015 marked four years since I had come to the UK to start my education. Wow! Four years! I can hardly believe it. It has gone so fast. I remember the day I left to start a new life here four years ago. I was fresh out of secondary school and I was 15 years old. I was naïve and eager to start a new adventure and boy, what an adventure it has been.

When I first arrived, I was just about to start my first year of A’Levels and by December (by God’s grace), I would be finishing my undergraduate degree. Isn’t God wonderful? I have experienced great happiness and severe pain these last four years and though I wished the painful parts didn’t have to happen, I admit that experiencing them helped me grow up.

I go back to seeing that girl arriving in Heathrow airport with her mother four years and how nervous and excited she was to start a new life. Lol. She has no idea what she is about to experience.

Anyway, I have been binge-watching Ugly Betty this last couple of weeks and it has made me realise a few things. I have been feeling very uninspired and I almost didn’t write this post but I want to start writing again on my blog. I’ll be honest; I don’t feel inspired or motivated to do so but I want to try.

I want to see if I can take this blog to a new direction. I’m not sure what direction I’m taking it yet so pardon me, if you notice any instability or disorganisation in the coming weeks. I really want to try to do something different. I have been lacking passion for a lot of things lately but I figure, I have to get off my ass and so something about it.

I hope you are there for it.

Thanks for reading.

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It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense For It To Be True

A couple of weeks ago, in one of my classes, we had a heated conversation. We were talking about religion and we were barely scraping the surface of it but it got us so riled up. Well, at least I was. I try my best to avoid talking about religion so much because it is such a sensitive subject but in this situation, I couldn’t avoid it.

Now, when I left the class with one of my friends, I told her: “Why is it that because something doesn’t seem to make sense, people don’t believe it is possible?” I mean, I get it. As human beings, we are the higher mammals and we want an explanation for everything but some of the best things in the world don’t make sense.

Why does life have to be so logical? What would the world be without coincidences or little miracles that happen everyday? This world is such a beautiful place and it doesn’t make sense how it can be this beautiful but it is and that is a miracle. I enjoy living in a world where I believe that God exists and that angels are watching me when I go to bed. It does not need to make sense for it to be true. I know that it’s true.

So yes, call me illogical, but I believe that Moses parted the red sea and that Jesus walked on water because I have seen miracles happen everyday. I am a living miracle. I see my little cousins and I am in awe. Sometimes, I look at the moon at night and it brings tears to my eyes. Look around you, God is everywhere. And the God I know is one of love and compassion. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He is Love itself. Anything that carries hate does not have God close to it. He is all about Love. It does not have to make sense. That’s the best part about it because if it makes sense, then what’s the surprise?

I believe that there is so much more that meets the eye and I am grateful that the world is full of little miracles.

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