Starting Over!

Yesterday was a very strange and frustrating day for me. To begin with, my school internet wasn’t working, so I had to start looking for ways to get some internet for myself. I was able to use my phone as a hotspot for a while but after a couple of hours, I couldn’t use it anymore. So, i had to find a way to bring my mobile broadband to life which wasn’t successful until today.

All through yesterday – as I kept thinking about how terrible the universe was to me – something at the back of my mind said, I was missing something. I was wondering if there was some sort of celebration I was missing. I remembered it was my mate’s birthday and I sent her a message. However, that wasn’t it because I kept thinking there was something happening but it wasn’t coming to me.

It was later in the night that I realised that September 18th, 2015 marked four years since I had come to the UK to start my education. Wow! Four years! I can hardly believe it. It has gone so fast. I remember the day I left to start a new life here four years ago. I was fresh out of secondary school and I was 15 years old. I was naïve and eager to start a new adventure and boy, what an adventure it has been.

When I first arrived, I was just about to start my first year of A’Levels and by December (by God’s grace), I would be finishing my undergraduate degree. Isn’t God wonderful? I have experienced great happiness and severe pain these last four years and though I wished the painful parts didn’t have to happen, I admit that experiencing them helped me grow up.

I go back to seeing that girl arriving in Heathrow airport with her mother four years and how nervous and excited she was to start a new life. Lol. She has no idea what she is about to experience.

Anyway, I have been binge-watching Ugly Betty this last couple of weeks and it has made me realise a few things. I have been feeling very uninspired and I almost didn’t write this post but I want to start writing again on my blog. I’ll be honest; I don’t feel inspired or motivated to do so but I want to try.

I want to see if I can take this blog to a new direction. I’m not sure what direction I’m taking it yet so pardon me, if you notice any instability or disorganisation in the coming weeks. I really want to try to do something different. I have been lacking passion for a lot of things lately but I figure, I have to get off my ass and so something about it.

I hope you are there for it.

Thanks for reading.

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