B is for Baking

Those that know me well know that baking is a hobby that is very close to my heart. I just love to bake and I have loved it since i was a little girl.

One day, when I was a little primary school girl, I went to school as usual. However, this particular day, our home economics teacher decided to teach us how to make pancakes. We all wore our dark green aprons and hair nets and we got going. Well, actually she got going while we stood around her and watched. Later, we all got to taste the finished product and I was delighted in the fact that I was a part of it. Even though, I didn’t do anything other than watch, I just felt like I was a part of something great.

Now, even though pancakes doesn’t require baking, it still really excited me and I wanted to try other new things. When I got home that day, I told my mum that we were taught how to make pancakes and I really wanted to make some for them at home.

Now, I don’t really remember when this happened but all I know is that one day, I got back from school and my mum and aunt were in the kitchen with all the ingredients to make pancakes. This time, I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty and it was so amazing.

While the pancakes made me really excited about the great things that the kitchen could produce, it was my mum’s baking phase that really made me fall in love with baking.

Now, let me paint a picture of the type of woman my mum is for you guys.

My mum is a really strong, hardworking woman. She is a really busy woman who just loves to come home after a long day, make some quick dinner, kick her feet up and watch TV and after that, she is off to bed.

It is so funny to me because there was once a time when my mum was really obsessed with baking. It was almost like she baked something every night. I have no idea why she got so into it but she was. She had all the cook books and the equipment. It was amazing. The day I knew my mum was officially a bake-o-maniac was the day she made braided bread. Now, I was younger and I didn’t know that ‘braided bread’ was actually something you could make. But, she did and it was delicious and it looked a lot like this:

braided bread

She eventually got over that phase because she got busier and busier. So, I guess I carried on where she left off. I remember a time when my friend, my siblings and I made some cupcakes and decided that we wanted to sell them outside our gate. My mum heard about it and she was not happy about that because she didn’t want us to get into any kind of trouble.

Anyway, I am nowhere near being a baking genius but I can bake for my friends and family and they always seem to love it. I love what baking has done for me. It has helped me through some terrible nights when I was so frustrated and overwhelmed with life and for that, I would forever be grateful.

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2 thoughts on “B is for Baking

  1. This reminds me of my mum. She want through the baking phase too, so many phases even a Chinese food phase. 😂. 2 down, some other numbers to go ! (too lazy to calculate 😅).

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