D is for Dolly

Hi Dolly. How are you? Yes…I know no one really calls you Dolly…well, not yet anyway but trust me you would get used to it soon enough. Who am I? Don’t I look familiar? I’m you. I know. We look good don’t we? It’s our birthday tomorrow. How do you feel? Yeah I get that. You want to know my age now? Hmm.. well, I’ll be 20 tomorrow and you’ll be 10 right? I know. Great age. Mummy has something big planned for you. You would have to wait till Christmas though. You have to enjoy it though. It’s going to be the biggest party you would have in a while. No…trust me that’s not a bad thing. It just means that you prefer doing things a little simpler now.

There a lot of things I wish I could tell you. I wish I could tell you which friends to avoid, what boys to run from, what mistakes not to make but I won’t be doing you a favour. I really wish I could protect your heart from all the pain but you need it. You have to figure things out for yourself. It would only make you stronger and believe me, you are one strong woman. Anytime you go through something, just remember that you would be fine. You would always be fine.

Now, while you would experience some really tough times, you would also experience some really great times. You are going to meet people who would become a part of your journey and cheer you on. Some of the friends you already have would remain your friends for life. You don’t know it yet but you would. You would experience some really great times that would make you believe that life couldn’t get any better but it would. It would get better and I know this because I believe it even now.

I wish I could tell you that your relationship with God would always be a smooth sail but it wouldn’t. There are times that you would not want to speak to God because you are afraid He is to listening or that He has turned His back on you. But I want you know that He is always there. He is always listening and He would never turn his back on you. You just need to have faith and keep believing. He knows what He is doing so trust Him.

And finally, Dolly, you are special. I never ever want you to forget that. You love with all your heart and you are just a great person. I don’t mean to toot our horn but I feel like I need to tell you this because you would forget a lot how special you really are.

I have to go now. I’ll miss you too and Yes…you would see me every once in a while.

Thank you love. Happy birthday to you too.

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