Brad and Angelina – Why I don’t feel sorry

So, three days ago, I was scrolling through The Shaderoom as it is a regular ritual of mine, minding my own business when all of a sudden, I came across a picture of Brad and Angelina with a caption, saying that Angelina had filed for divorce. As soon as I saw that, I checked a whole bunch of other credible sources like E! and People’s Magazine and they confirmed that this rumour was true. Now, I would not lie, my first subconscious reaction was to chuckle. Yeah, I gave a good ke ke. You know why? Cause I never cared for the way they got together anyway!

Listen, divorce is never a good or easy thing and they have 6 children who, I feel sorry for that they have to go through this….but…I am sorry, you cannot start a relationship with somebody on that sort of foundation and believe that it would last forever (even though, they started to seem like the exception).

I hate cheating with all my heart. I know everybody makes mistakes and I am far from perfect but I do not understand how a person would intentionally hurt the person that they vowed in front of God to be with forever. Now, not only did Brad cheat with Angelina, they humiliated Jennifer Aniston. Now, you know I love Jennifer Aniston. Chick, sure knows how to make me laugh. They humiliated this woman in front of the whole world. I even remember reading an article where Brad  basically said that his time with Jen was a waste.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Now, the situation at this moment is that Brad has been allegedly abusive with their kids which I never would have thought will be the case. They always seemed like great parents who really love their kids. Abuse is a really strong word. You know, growing up in a Nigerian home, I got spanked as a kid, if I did something wrong. It was nothing abusive, just a disciplinary action and I understood that. I just wonder what abuse, here means. Anyway, I just don’t want to believe that Brad would intentionally hurt his kids.

Angelina also allegedly has issues with Brad because he drinks too much alcohol and smokes too much weed. Well, I can understand how she would have issues with that. While, Angelina has had issues with drugs in the past, she has definitely grown and she is a mother now. When you become a parent, you have to let go of certain things. If Brad is doing that, it is something that I can understand she will be mad at.

Anyway, I do hope that this does not become too messy, especially for the sake of kids. For their sake, I wish that Angelina and Brad did not have to go through this. I feel bad for laughing but I just could not help but think that their foundation was not the best to begin with.

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