Tampons vs Pads: A Bloody War

Excuse the title…Lol..I thought it was funny

So, lets talk about periods. Yes, that monthly visitor that we never like to see but have to, anyway. Honestly, I believe for most women, the only reason why we hope to see our periods is just to confirm that we are not pregnant.


Lol. Anyway, its the way God planned it so it is the way it has to be.

So, I first had my period when I was just about to turn 11 years old and I was in secondary school – boarding school – at the time. As at then, the only thing I knew about in terms of sanitary instruments was pads. I had never heard of tampons before in my life. I, especially knew about the pads because there were these ‘Always’ ads that I used to see back home in Nigeria. They were so entertaining. Lol. Honestly, some of the best ads are the tampons and pads ads.

Anyway, for the first year of my period, I only knew about pads. That all changed one Saturday afternoon. So, I was back home for the holidays and my mum wanted to take my siblings and I swimming. However, that day, I got my period and I was upset because I so badly wanted to swim. So, my mum said that there was a way I could. She told me she would give me a tampon. I was like ‘C’est Quoi? What is that? She took me to her room and showed me this small item that would supposedly have to go up my vagina. It sounded really uncomfortable. I was young and I had never even heard of this thing until that day so, my mum had to put it on for me.


First of all, it was painful. Secondly, just as I thought it was uncomfortable. The concept of being able to wear it and swim seemed nice but honestly it made me feel very weird. Anyway, I hated it so much that I wanted it off but I did not want to tell my mum because I did not want to upset her with whining so, I did the next best thing, which was to hope that rain fell so we would not have to swim. Well, God must have had some pity on me because that rain fell and it fell good. Lol. It started to fall when we got to the pool so we had to go back. As soon as I went home, I took it off and wore my very comfortable pad.

This was about 8 years ago so a lot has obviously changed with me as a woman. I am more comfortable in my femininity than I was back then. So, the things I never thought would change about me has changed. For one, I love tampons now. The truth is when my mum first introduced me to tampons, I was used to something else which was pads and I do not usually like to break out of the norm at first, especially when it is not my idea. I finally explored tampons at a time that I felt comfortable. A couple of months ago, I tried them for the first time since I was 12 and I finally understood why people love them so much.As of right now, I’m not exclusive to any one of them. I use both for different reasons and I’ll tell you.

Pads – I have worn pads the longest and I love it sometimes and hate it sometime. One thing I like about pads is that I can be wear it longer than a tampon. I normally time how long I wear it. So, if I am having a light flow, I try to change it every 5 hours and if its heavy, 4 hours. However, if I have to change it earlier, I would know to do that because I can see it and still wear it. With a tampon, you only take it out with the intention of throwing it away. Also, I can always depend on pads. I can wear it at any time – whether my flow is heavy or light.

Tampons – Now, I only just started wearing tampons but I enjoy it most times. Unlike before, it does not make me uncomfortable when I wear it anymore and it makes me feel comfortable wearing any type of underwear. There is also a freedom that comes with it. You can do more with a tampon on than a pad. I feel cleaner with it most times because the fact that I don’t see anything just makes me feel like I am not walking with a big sign on my head. However, I can’t seem to wear it when I am having heavy flow, maybe I have been using the wrong ones, I don’t know. So, I can’t always depend on them as I would like. Also, the change times are shorter. I change them every 2-3 hours.

Now…which one do I prefer?

I do not prefer one or the other. I like them for different reasons and I use them at different times. I use Pads when I am having a heavy flow and I use tampons when they are not as heavy.

As women, we have to do whatever feels right for our bodies and so, this is not me giving advice but just sparking a conversation about this natural thing that happens to us. So, I do want to hear your opinion. Vote on the poll below on which you prefer and leave your comments on this post.



2 thoughts on “Tampons vs Pads: A Bloody War

  1. I can’t seem to choose between pads and tampons tbh. For me, tampons are a lot neater but I ALWAYS end up wearing a pad/panty liner while I have my tampons in. So, I guess I love them both equally 😭

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