10 best moments of 2016

So this year was entertaining to me in a lot of ways. I find laughter and happiness in a lot of things and I thought I would share them with you guys.


I know this is over and done with already but I really loved this challenge. I remember the first one I saw and I thought ‘Wow’. It was definitely my best challenge of the year.

This was the very first one I saw and I loved it so much. My friend, Abiola and I just kept sending each other different challenges and just basking in the loveliness of each one.

Of course, this post would not be complete if I did not include the Nigerian edition of the Mannequin challenge which I thought was phenomenal.



I mean, need I say more? I am not a member of the Bey Hive but even I cannot deny the greatness that is Beyoncé. The woman just doesn’t stop. I admire the fact that she doesn’t relax even though she is at the top. Lemonade was amazing for me because it showcased the pain that black women go through. We get hurt but we don’t get to stop. We have to keep going and Beyoncé highlighted our strengths and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Okay, so no.8 is a tie for me because I just couldn’t pick and I know that when there is a tie, there really shouldn’t be a no.7 but sorry, that’s not how I’m doing it. Lol.

Anyway, to begin with, most of you know that even though I am not American, I was very vocal about how much I did not like Trump. Call me naïve but I did not expect him to win. I mean, I knew there was a chance but I just did not want to believe that a man like that would be elected. But he was so I found my solace in laughter. Conan O’Brien, who I think is the best late night show on TV created these ‘leaked phone calls between Trump and Obama’ which I find hilarious.

Another moment that I loved was when Trevor Noah annihilated Tomi Lahren.

I do not like Tomi Lahren. Okay. Scratch that. I do not like the things that she says. In my opinion, she spits foolishness and I don’t think she even believes most of the things she says. So, when Trevor Noah interviewed her, I was smiling throughout. This is just a bit from the interview.


So, Kiefer Sutherland returned this year with an amazing new show called ‘Designated Survivor’. I have loved him since 24. So, I was so excited to watch this show which is really good. Call me weird but I smile every time I see this opening sequence. It really made my year.


Okay, so another tie. Lol.

To begin with, The McClure Twins. I fell in love with this twins this year. They are just so cute and amazing and they are half Nigerian. Lol. They captured the hearts of so many including me and I just love watching them.

Aren’t they adorable?

So, another kid that won my heart was Julianna. Julianna is the daughter of Judy and Benji who blog daily on their youtube channel ‘It’s Judy’s Life’. I have been watching them on and off since 2013. This year, Judy posted this video of Julianna that touched my heart in many ways. I cried like a baby and I just thought that I have to share this with you all.


You guys, I love Desiigner. He just emits so much happiness and he  makes me smile every time. This video of him singing ‘The Addams family’ is EVERYTHING. Lol


Just watch and laugh!. Lol



You all may not know Ms Roxanne but she is a Youtuber who reviews reality shows and some other TV shows. I have been watching her for I can’t even remember how long but she always brings light to my life. She is funny and no matter what is going on in my life, for a moment I forget when I am watching her. So, Ms Rox, Thank you so much for being who you are. You are blessed. Her channel is 4itsrox on Youtube if you are interested. You won’t regret it.


Source: Kemi Filani

This book made my year. I already reviewed it on this blog but I just have to say that this book pushed me back to God. It’s funny because it is not a spiritual book or anything like that but just her experiences made me see that I need to find peace in God once more and so for that I am very grateful.


Those who know me know that I am absolutely obsessed with Bruno Mars. I love the guy so much and when he dropped his album the weekend before my birthday, it was like a birthday gift to me because I have been waiting for a new album for close to 4 years. Thanks for making it worth it boo.

So, that’s it for me. The 10 (well, more like 12) best moments of 2016. What was yours? Let me know 🙂 Love you all and a Happy New Year

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