Celebrating 4 Years – Most Viewed Blog Posts

Hi ya’ll,

So, four years ago, I started this blog. At the time I was 17 years old and I was looking for a way to express myself. When I first started this blog, for those that have been here since the beginning, it wasn’t called ‘Dolly Writes’. As a matter of fact, because of how lost I felt as a young girl then, I wanted my blog url to express that so it was called diaryofalostteen.wordpress.com.

After a while, I started to realise that the name was a bit elementary and it didn’t represent who I was anymore as I stopped being a teenager. So I changed to it to belleamenoire.wordpress.com. This was French for beautiful dark soul. Soon after, I wanted to change my blog name to something that I would never change again and I settled on dollywrites.com.

So much has changed in the last four years. If you look at my very first post and you look at my latest posts, you will definitely know that I have definitely grown up. I have shared so much and every post is like a time portal, taking me back to who I used to be when I wrote those posts.

I have been fortunate to have amazing people from all parts of the world reading my blog. It humbles me and I am not close to how far I want to get but I know that eventually I will get there and I am in no rush.

Thank you to everyone who has ever read a post from me. Thank you for showing me love and just being amazing. I am also thankful to God of course for giving me the will power to still have this after all this time and I look forward to the future.

So, to celebrate this journey, I went back to pick the 10 most viewed posts on my blog till date and I hope you enjoy going down memory lane with me.

10. The Day I wanted to Kill Myself : Written 10th January, 2016

I am definitely at a much better place in my life but for a long time, I was really really depressed and I wanted to use this post just to encourage and reach out to others going through the same thing that no matter how hard we fall, we can always get back up.

9. I love you but…: Written 13th May, 2013

I had just finished watching For Colored Girls for the umpteenth time when I wrote this. That movie always gets to me and I was inspired to write this afterwards. This is one of my favourite posts from my early writing days.

8. For Bi Kelly: Written 11th March, 2013

I had a really amazing teacher once called Bi Kelly. She was a woman that really touched the lives of those that knew her and when she died it was just really sad. I am tearing up a little even writing this. Anyway, the day I wrote this, I was just thinking about her and this was my way of expressing that.

7. Why I Don’t Love my Fiancé: Reblogged on 13th February, 2014

Okay, so I read about this post on Michael J. Pittman’s blog. At the time, he was about to get married to his wife, Amanda and he basically wrote this amazing love story about how he is determined to love her as Christ loves his church. It was so beautiful to see especially seeing as he is such a young guy and so, I shared it on my blog as it is just beautiful.

6. Let’s Have Tea, Shall We?: Written 16th May, 2015

This was just a quirky post about my love for tea. Whenever I feel down, tea just somehow makes me feel better and I wanted to share that with you guys.

5. Change and You: Written 3rd February, 2015

This was just a post that was just discussing change in people. Some of the things I wrote about are that you can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change and you shouldn’t change your beliefs for someone else.

4. WHO AM I? – AKUNNA: Posted 8th August, 2014

So, in the summer of 2014, I did a series called WHO AM I? I got a couple of friends and writers to write about on themselves and what has made them who they are. They had complete freedom to write it and interpret it however they liked and I posted each one day by day for about a week. It was probably the most amazing thing that I have ever done on this blog. Anyway, my lovely friend and writer, Akunna, wrote this for this series and it was amazing. Almost as amazing as she is!

3. WHO AM I? – TOMI: Posted 9th August, 2014

So, this was also a part of the series. My dear friend and writer, Tomi did such a kick-ass job in writing it and it was loved by so many people. Read it and you will not regret it.

2. Rape is Never Okay: Written 15th June, 2015

So, I had just finished watching Season 3 of Orange is the New Black and there was one story that just touched my hearts in so many ways that I decided to write on it. It might have been based on the show but the lessons are real. Rape is Never Okay under any circumstances.

1. 10 Things I Want to Say to a Black Man: Posted 2nd June, 2014

So, I posted this amazing video of spoken word poetry by an amazing woman called Falu. This poetry gave me so much life and I had to share it. Yes, it is just as amazing as you think it is. Please, check it out.

So, this is it. My top 10 most viewed posts on this blog. It is definitely such a blessing to be able to write and I do not take it for granted. Thanks to all of you for keeping me going and I cannot wait to keep on moving forward. I love you all and God bless you.

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