Another One in the Bag

by dolly21

Hi guys,

So, I have some good news to share today. As of Wednesday, I am officially an MBA degree holder and I am so happy and so joyful and so many other happy adjectives. Lol. For the last couple of weeks, I was extremely nervous about my results. I thought I was going to fail and I did not even share it on here because I did not want to jinx it.

I wanted to get a Merit. For a Master’s degree, there is distinction, merit, pass and fail. I really wanted to get a Merit. I would have aimed for a Distinction but I knew that my grades were not good enough for a distinction so I was hoping that my dissertation would be amazing and it would bring me up to a Merit. I did not want to get anything below that. Anything below that would have not made me happy.

I was really scared about my dissertation. I worked really hard on it and it seemed like the universe was against me a lot of the time. I was going through personal drama with my relationship; I had an accident which completely messed up my mental state and I am so hard on myself. I always tend to believe the worst about myself which is wrong and I am trying to change but most times, I can’t help it.

Throughout last year, I constantly kept on asking myself why I was doing an MBA. I told myself that I know nothing about business. This is not my area. Everyone else knew more than I did. Everyone else was doing better than I was and I cried a lot because I wanted to quit. I wanted to stop many times. I cried so many times about it. But God had my back the entire time.

When I saw my result on Wednesday, I was overjoyed. To begin with, I got 68% on my dissertation which is just 2% from a distinction. I could not even believe it. I am telling you that I was hoping for 60% and I did not even think I would get that. So, when I saw that score and I saw that I had gotten a Merit for my degree, I got on my knees and I said a big ‘thank you’ to God.

He deserves all the glory for this. Not I. He saw me through and I am crying tears of joy right now because I do not deserve all that God does for me but he does it anyhow. I am so grateful to God and I am so thankful for all his grace and his mercy because I don’t deserve it to me. Jesus is just bae. Lol

I am thankful to my parents especially my mum who shouldered all the burdens of my education from A’Levels to now. That is a lot of money and a lot of time but my mother would rather wear rags than seeing us not go to school. My mum and I have our disagreements but she is an exceptional woman who I admire everyday for her strength. She did it all for me and I am beyond grateful.

You guys, I don’t say this often but I am proud of myself. So proud and so happy. I have been in such a trance since Wednesday just trying to process it all; that’s why I haven’t blogged since then but I am grateful.

To all my friends, who heard me complain and cry and were just there for me through it all, you guys are the absolute best. I believe I have the most amazing friends in the world. Even my siblings who did their best to encourage me. I love you all.

Thank you guys. Thank you for letting me share myself with you; for listening, for being such wonderful people, I have nothing to give but I pray for God’s blessings on your life always.