Know Your Rights

Hi guys,

So I know I have been away for a while but I will explain later. In resuming my blogging duties, I want to share something inspiring by an amazing person. So, I have known Shawn since I was a young little lass growing up in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. Lol. Anyway, for a moment in my life, my religious journey took a detour but I have started a relationship with God once more and it is all so beautiful. Shawn shares the most amazing perspectives on Facebook as a young Christian man that really bless me. He has allowed God to use him as a vessel and I really wanted him to write something that I could put on here that will be a blessing to others as well. So, please read and be blessed. 


When the above phrase is uttered, our minds quickly interpret it as our rights as human beings, our rights as citizens of our respective countries, our rights as members of some group or any other association we find ourselves in. And our minds are correct in jumping to this conclusion. However, there is one area of our lives where we do not harness the power of our rights. Our rights as children of God. This may come to you as a shock- either because you are a strong born-again Christian and doing quite well with your faith, or because you don’t even know that you have rights as a child of God. I know I was ignorant, but in recent times, I have come to understand the invaluable position I hold and the power I can command as a child of God. I am now on my journey from Clark Kent to Superman, by God’s grace.


First of all, to be able to harness your rights, you must have them. That means, you have to be in Christ to have the identity. Having Christ introduces the Holy Spirit and He serves as an international ID for you. It is He that is seen to identify you as a citizen of Heaven. At this moment, I’ll let you in on these rights. Believe me, at the end of it, you’ll want to be a citizen in this exquisite country called Heaven. So let’s dig in:


  1. You have got the Holy Spirit. Like I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is your ID card. His presence is the evidence of you being saved or transformed. In Acts 2, the Bible speaks about the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the signs that signal His presence.
  2. This Holy spirit is the spirit of God. As such, you have God in you. Wait a minute! Read that again. You have God in you! That’s awesome if you ask me. 2Tim 1:7 says His spirit is not one of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. The presence of the Holy Spirit means you can stand tall. If you will choose faith over fear in absolutely anything, I assure you that you will be rejoicing at the end.
  3. The ability to do ALL things. Not some things. ALL THINGS!! Don’t believe me? Check out Phillipians 4:13. We can do ALL things through Christ. We have to remember the ‘through Christ’ part. With and in Christ, ALL things can be done. ALL hurdles can be scaled, ALL mountains can be leveled for you, ALL crooked paths can be made straight, ALL sorrow can be joy, ALL loss can be gain. Personally, to be able to do ALL things through Christ is encouraging. I can get through anything because I’ve got Christ in me.
  4. You own it all. Remember we are children of God? As such, we are heirs to the throne. We are heirs in the Kingdom. The Bible says we are joint heirs with the Son (Jesus Christ). That means equals. We can then do what Jesus did while here on earth. That includes but is not limited to healing the sick, prophesying, raising the dead, teaching in multitudes, being the light of the world, being called the Sons of God and so on. God created all things. He owns everything. Since I’m his son/daughter, I can ask for anything in the name of Jesus and as long as it’s in accordance with His will for me, I’ll get it. Same principle as a child asking a parent for money or a toy or permission to go on vacation and so on. God is God, but He is also Father and He is Friend. Remember that.
  5. We have got the ultimate end. Our ends are so glorious. Here’s why I say so. Jeremiah 29:11 says His plans for us are of good and not evil, plans to prosper us and give us hope and a future. If that doesn’t motivate you to just let Him do Him in you, then I don’t know what does. He made us. He knows what’s best, and best of all, that’s what He is willing to give us. We just need to let Him.
  6. He isn’t inconsistent. Now this one gets me everytime. Maybe because of the inconsistency that surrounds us. Joshua 1:9 says we should be strong! Be courageous! Fear not! Because He is with us wherever we go now and forever more. If your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife said those exact words, you’ll be loyal to the end. Well, God is even more consistent. What’s your excuse not to obey? Personally, if He sticks to just this one, I’m good. I’m sticking with Him. If you need any further evidence of the level of His consistency, take a minute of your time and check out Hebrews 13:8.
  7. You are a conqueror. In fact, you are more than a conqueror. Romans 8:37 says you slay everything in front of you through Him. All through the Bible, the men and women who overcame difficult situations were those who had God. 1John 4:4 tells you that you have overcome – note: not ‘may overcome’ or even ‘will overcome’- through Him, and He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. I tell you this! The he in the world is your finances, he is your health, he is your struggle physically, mentally, physically and emotionally. You have overcome that ‘he’ already. You just have to tap into it. You just have to know it.


I could go on and on. The Bible doesn’t run out of secrets. I gotta tell you, God is deep. He has given you victory already. You just have to get to know Him, be His friend, listen to Him and watch barriers fall. It’s not easy! It’ll go against your natural instinct because you are flesh and He is spirit. But people have done it. I am doing it, and I have to say. It’s the most popular secret in the world. See what I did there? Lol.

I’ve gotten to enjoy being myself more because I’ve gotten to know the Guy who made me in the first place. Try it. It works.

I hope this blessed you like it did me and a big thanks to Shawn for sharing this. 

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