Song of the day: Circles

by dolly21

Ya’ll, this Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef has me stressed…I like both of them so the whole thing is just really stressing me that I had to go and listen to some beautiful R&B. I love music from different genres however, if I was to pick my favourite, it will be R&B/Soul. I love it because it just gets me in my emotions and I love music that can make me feel. You know, love or hate Tamar Braxton but you cannot deny that the chick can singgg and this album is really amazing. It is kind of sad that it did not do very well in the charts but every song is just amazing to me and this song has been in my head that I just felt that I had to share. If you are a lover of music, please do yourself a favour and listen to this album. It is everything and moreeee….<3