Mood: Be

by dolly21

If there is a song that describes how I feel right now, it will be this song. Every part of the song from the amazing instrumentals to the lyrics perfectly describes my vibe and the vibe  I want to have always.

This album from Common is the only Hip-Hop/Rap album I have ever bought. Every song is phenomenal and Kanye West may not be my favourite person in the world but his work on this album just proves that he is indeed a genius. This album came out over a decade ago but I only bought it about two years ago because I really wanted to hear music from Common and my research showed that this is probably his best album and I can see why.

This particular song is actually the intro to the album ‘Be’ and I just thought it captured the essence of the album completely

Please, listen to this song and the album and I will see you on Cloud 9. Lol.

I just want to BE.