Song of the day: Glory (Common & Yolanda Adams)

by dolly21

Last night, I was lying in bed and preparing to go to sleep. I don’t like the room being too quiet when I want to sleep so I was looking for a Youtube video that I could play while I sleep. As I was looking through Youtube, I saw this video and I decided to watch it. I like the song and I like when John Legend sings it so I wanted to hear Yolanda Adams version.

You guys, when I tell you that this has to be one of the most powerful videos I have seen this year in fact, ever, I am telling no lies. I have heard this song many times. I have sang it many times but when Yolanda Adams sang this song, I felt the anointing of the Lord. At that moment, I saw God in her. This performance blew me away. I lay down on the bed saying ‘Wow’ to myself many times. Like, who is this woman? I mean, I know who she is but Oh my God, the respect I have for her tripled. She had me singing ‘Glory’ right along with her.

Please, just take 4 minutes and 43 seconds out of your day to watch this performance. There is no way that I can describe it to you–you have to see it all for yourself. This performance had me screaming ‘God is Good’. Wow! That is all I can say. When a performance lifts up your Spirit the way this did, all you can do is give all the glory to God.