What is your essence?

When I went to church on Sunday, there was this amazing pastor who came to preach. His name is Bishop Mark Chironna and he preached on something that has really stayed with me since then.

He spoke about the essence of our beings. He spoke about knowing who we are to the core of our souls. This world is so fast-paced. Things move very quickly and times change really fast and we are always trying to keep up that we don’t really sit down to know who we are. He mentioned something interesting. He said, if you meet someone and you ask them ‘Who are you?’, you hear replies like ‘ I’m a computer engineer’ or ‘I’m a lawyer’

My love, that’s not who are. That is what you do. Who are you?

When I got home, I started to research this thing called ‘essence’. How do I know what my essence is? Based on my research, I found out that everyone has a unique essence. It is not your story. It is not your experience or what you have been through. It is who you would have been anyway without any of those external influences; regardless of who raised you. It is the vibration you give off.

So, I decided to ask the one person who carried me and also knew me before I became aware of myself. My mother.

I sent her a message basically asking her who I was. Not my story or experiences. Just my essence. The core of my soul. And this is what she told me.

I think what was striking about you was your calmness. You exhibited a calm spirit and you still do. No matter what is going on around you, even when your eyes look troubled, your outlook is always calm which to me, shows someone who doesn’t give out her state of mind. A calmness that shows all will be well no matter what.  What I saw when I look at you is PEACE.

She also continued by saying:

You’ll notice that each time I push you hard and I noticed you didn’t do what I told you to do, I just leave you, knowing that you have a way of doing your own thing.

Hearing that made me feel so good in my spirit. It almost made sense to me on the way I handle things and the way I have always handled things. It gave me an outlook on how to continue on with life moving forward.

I think it is important to know who you are to the very core of your being. So, I want to encourage you guys to think really deeply about this one. What is your essence? Who would you have been regardless of your story or your experiences? If you have difficulty figuring it out, speak to someone who knows you. I really want to hear what you have to say.

I have so much love for you all.

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