I want a dog

So, about a week ago, I watched A Dog’s Purpose and  I can tell you that I cried like 4 different times during the movie. That movie had me all in my feelings and it re-ignited this feeling that I have always wanted to get a dog.

I do not like a lot of animals. I mean I think that there are some really cute animals but I prefer to admire them from afar. However, I have always liked dogs. Not the really big ones; I get scared of those ones but I like the small ones that I can carry and pet and I can take like a medium-sized dog as well.

My mum doesn’t really like animals so, getting a dog when we were kids was not even a conversation. Now, that I’m older and looking to get a job and own my own place, one of the things that I want is a dog. I recognise that dogs need to be well-taken care of and so I want to be in a good enough place to get one.

I just feel like dogs were truly made to be man’s animal companion and I cannot wait for the day that I get my very own furry baby. 🙂

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