Google Doodles: The work of Zaha Hadid

I believe that you can never know too much. Knowledge is power and I appreciate and I love to read and watch out for any opportunity to learn about anything and everything. It is for this reason that I love Google Doodles. Google Doodles are the animations that Google displays on their homepage. Almost everyday, there is always a google doodle that celebrates something or someone and I especially loved today’s doodle.

Today, Google celebrates the work of Zaha Hadid, an architectural wizard who basically was a pioneer in modern architecture. I am not really much of an architectural follower( I can’t think of a better word right now). I can’t tell you anything about it and you will not see me buying a copy of Architectural digest. However, I appreciate the art of it. I love looking at buildings that are just art and I appreciate the process that goes into it all.

So, I was interested to see the work of this amazing woman and I have to tell you that her work is spectacular. Her buildings are some of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Her mind was so creative and so technical and so beautiful. I was just in awe of the stuff that I saw and I wished I had known about her sooner and I appreciate Google for giving me an opportunity to know about this architectural genius.

I will leave some photos of her buildings below so that you guys can feast your eyes on the magic that is Zaha Hadid.


Al Wakrah Stadium, Qatar



Changsha Meixihu International Cultural Centre, China



Sleuk Rith Institute, Cambodia (2018)



520 West 28th Street, New York (2017)



New Beijing Airport at Daxing (2018)



Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad (TBC)



Eleftheria Square, Nicosia, Cyprus (TBC)



Esfera City Centre, Monterry, Mexico (2018)



Riverside Museum, Glasgow (2011)



King Abdullah Petroleum Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2016)



Grand Theatre de Rabat, Morocco (TBC)



So amazing!

Photos: The Telegraph

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