My thoughts on the Book of Leviticus

Hi guys,

So as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am reading through the Bible and today, I finished the book of Leviticus. So, I just wanted to share a couple of things that I learned from this book.

So, Leviticus is a book that contains a whole lot of laws that was given by God to the people of Israel. In reading this book, the most important thing that stood out to me is the Holiness of God.

I have always known that God is holy. He is perfect. He has no speck of a speck of sin in Him. However, reading this book, my understanding of this soared to a whole ‘nother level.

I think we forget who God is a lot of the time. I am very guilty of this. I don’t think it’s intentional but I think a lot of times we fail to realise the extent of His power. God made everything. He was here before the world even began. When this earth was still full of water, God was there. He is the Living God. We should tremble at his feet. The name of God should make us fear and love and worship.

God is so gracious to us and so even when we take His name for granted, He is there to love us and forgive us.

God is the Ancient of Days. He is the Most High God. He is the I AM that I AM so, we need to learn to put some RESPECK on the name of the God who can snap his fingers in one second and this world as we know it can cease to exist.

Leviticus 10:3 says: Then Moses said to Aaron, “This is what the Lord was speaking about when he said, ‘All who serve me was respect my holiness; I will reveal my glory to my people.'” But Aaron remained silent.”

God’s Holiness is unmatched and unrivalled. No one in heaven or on earth or below the earth can ever come close to being on His level.

One thing that worries me is that I don’t fear God enough and it has been my prayer to never forget the might of this Glorious God.

In this world it is easy to forget but through the grace of God and faith, I hope to always remember.

So, this is basically what was revealed to me as I read this book. God is Holy.

I am really enjoying reading the Bible and I have also been enjoying sharing it with you all. At this moment in my life – more than ever before – my spiritual life with God is the main priority and I am still learning.

I still make mistakes everyday. I still sin and honestly I am grateful for the grace and love and forgiveness that God gives because I don’t think I deserve it but that is who God is. He doesn’t love me because I am better than anyone else (because I am totally not); He loves me because that is just who He is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I am starting the Book of Numbers tomorrow and I am excited about that so I’ll write on it when I’m done.

Till then my darlings. ❤

Stay blessed.




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I want to change my blog’s theme

Okay, so before I get into what I want to talk about today, let me just tell you something about the Holy Spirit.

The joy and peace that the Holy Spirit gives is like no other. I have just felt blessed by God today. Whenever I have felt down, the Holy Spirit has found a way to lift my spirit; to remind me that in Him, I have nothing to worry about. Anyway, I wanted to use this opportunity to share my joy with you all. God is good.

So, let’s talk.

I am thinking of changing the appearance of my blog. The reason why I am telling you guys this is that I don’t want you to come here one day and see something completely different.

When I started using this current theme, I was hoping to keep it for a very long time. However, I am trying to make certain changes and this theme doesn’t really accommodate it so, it is best that I change it.

As a WordPress user, I am lucky to have all these amazing free themes to choose from. I wish I could buy one but I don’t have the money to do so.

I would like to say that this would be the last time I change it – because I want to stick to one – however, as things change, I might have to change with it.

Anyway, content will remain the same. So, it’s just the physical appearance that will be different.

Thank you all for your support and patience. It means the world to me. I’ll let you know when exactly I will change it and I hope you like it.

Till then, my darlings.

*Kisses and Hugs*




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PLL is over and I feel relieved?

So. I watched the series finale of Pretty Little Liars today on Netflix and I feel a little relieved and a little disappointed. Oh, if you haven’t watched it, there are SPOILERS below.

Let me give a little backgrounder. I started watching PLL in the summer of 2013. I believe the show was already 3 years in at the time. I was bored and I needed something to binge watch and this became the one for me.

Now, I enjoyed the show. I actually enjoyed all the characters. I love Aria and her creativity. I love how sweet Emily is. I admire Spencer for her curiosity and her brain. I love how loyal Hanna is and I started to love Allison when she stopped playing all those games.  I love crazy Mona. I mean how can you not? I feel like I can relate to each and everyone one of them in different ways.

Even the guys.

I love Toby the best. I just think he is super sweet. Caleb is kinda sexy and Ezra was kind of shaky there for me at first. You know due to the whole statutory rape thing but I guess he redeemed himself if you can call it that.

Anyway, I think the characters were written well and I think the actors and the actresses brought it to life and made me enjoy watching it.


It wasn’t until today when I watched the finale, that I realised how F’d up the story is.

I mean, I knew the whole A & A.D. thing dragged on for a long time and was kind of annoying but I enjoyed watching the characters and the suspense was nice.

However, I think the whole thing went left after Mona was revealed as A in Season 2. First off, it was amazing when Mona was revealed as A because it wasn’t expected and it made complete sense.

A had to be someone who was around the girls but hated their guts. It had to be someone who the audience were already captivated by, but wouldn’t have seen coming. It had to be someone that had a real motive. That was Mona. It made complete sense that Mona did not like the girls after all that they had put her through.

Then, things started to get a little too crazy and unrealistic. It was like Marlene King wasn’t sure if the show would get another season and so when it did, she had to scramble for ideas. It almost felt like that annoying series finale in Gossip Girl when Dan was revealed as Gossip Girl. It made no sense.

When Cece was revealed as A in Season 6, irritated is an understatement for how I felt. Like really? Cece? From where? I mean, what did the girls ever do to Cece to make her torture them like that? However, as a loyal follower of the show, I could not stop watching. I had already gone too far and I had to see it through.

I don’t quit shows. The only show I ever quit was Homeland but that’s another story for another  day.

Anyway, back to story.

I was excited to see more because the show was going to jump 5 years forward and I wanted to see where everyone was in their lives.

It was going good and then the nonsense started again. I was kinda here for it because, I mean that is the point of the show. The girls were older and the games had to be smarter and more intense.

But, I hoped that the A.D. reveal will make sense.

Again, I was disappointed.

I mean, the series finale was fine. However, halfway into it, I realised that the story had gone too far for it to be anything real shocking. I mean, I already guessed that Spencer had a twin but due to the fact that Mary Drake was already a twin, it wasn’t as cool as it would have been.

The fact that there are all these twins running around just seems a bit too far-fetched for me.

I really wanted the reveal to be spectacular. I wanted a real motive. It just did not make sense to me why Spencer’s twin will be so hell-bent on torturing the girls like that.

Anyway, let me leave that and just go to the couples.

Aria & Ezra: I mean, okay. They were never really my favourite couple so even if they broke up, it wouldn’t have mattered to me. It made me sad though that Aria could not have kids. However, I have no idea where that came from. I mean, we just hear her tell Ezra that she can’t have kids. But why? Where did this even come from? I mean, it just did not make sense to me. However, they said they would adopt so, good for them.

Hanna & Caleb: I mean, I always thought they were cute together. I liked that Hanna was pregnant at the end. But again, it wasn’t anything real unexpected. I mean, I guess they fit each other which is nice.

Emily & Alison: Okay,, now this. This was the one I was waiting for. I enjoy how long it took for them to actually come to this point. It was rewarding for me to see them end up together and have a family.

Spencer & Toby: My favourite couple of them all. I always loved them together. They are opposites but they just mesh real well. I loved that we didn’t get anything overly romantic at the end. That’s because it didn’t have tone like that. I mean, we all knew they were meant for each other. Nothing more needs to be said.

In all, all of them basically ended up with their high school sweethearts. I mean, Emily and Alison didn’t date but we all knew they always had a thing for each other.

While I love all the couples, it seems very unrealistic that they ALL ended up with their high school sweethearts. I mean, I guess when you go through something tough like that together, you just always have a connection.

In all, I’m relieved that the show is over. I will definitely miss the characters but I just wanted much more and week-to-week, we always seemed to get more questions than answers. So, I’m happy that I don’t have to keep on racking my brain on figuring out who is trying to torture the girls.

I do hope that they Gilmore Girls the situation and come back in like 10 years to make us go crazy again. It will be nice to remember this moment in my life and I hope that if they return, the story will be EPIC!!!!!!

Till then, PLL. Goodbye.

P.S. I love how Jenna basically saved the day.

P.P.S. Mona is crazy ya’ll. Lol. I love how she had Mary Drake and Spencer’s twin, Alex in an underground lair in France. I mean, Mona is everything. I can’t wait to see her act in something else.


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Quote: Nelson Mandela

So. I believe I have mentioned on here that I am writing a script. I literally woke up one morning and decided that I was going to do it. I had been having these stories floating around in my head and even though I had doubts on myself, I decided to do it anyway.

It has been a rollercoaster so far. Some days, I am flowing with so much to say and some days, I am just off. There are periods of great creativity and there are some off days. Basically, I get to a point sometimes, where I can’t figure out what the next scene is going to be. I have an outline of how it will go but I’m not sure what exactly will go on the next scene. A couple of weeks ago, I would have been beating myself up about this. Now, I just attribute it to the writing process because once it clicks, it clicks.

There are days when I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and that can be frustrating. I doubt myself a lot of times but I am resting on God and I believe that I can do it. I also have had a lot of amazing people support me on this journey.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this quote by the late great Nelson Mandela to encourage us to always keep pushing even in times of despair. Shit might not be easy but that moment shapes us into being better versions of ourselves.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.


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Knowledge is Power

So. Sometime last year when I was still doing my Masters, I went to a study area in my uni to get some work done. As I was there, I looked at the notice board and saw a paper pinned on it. The paper on the board spoke about something called the Stanford Prison Experiment. I was intrigued. Things like this typically get my attention. I had never heard about it and so I decided to read up on it. I must say, it was a very interesting read.

Now, the next day I had a marketing class. I wasn’t paying much attention until my lecturer asked the class if anyone had heard about the Stanford Prison Experiment. Now, I  had only just read this the day before and it was so fresh in my mind. It turns out I was the only one that knew about it and so I was able to basically download everything I had read.

Now, when I read about this experiment, I was just reading for fun. It was more of a psychology thing than a business thing so what are the odds that it would come up in my marketing class? But it did and when I spoke about it in class, I felt really good about myself.

Now, that is just one of those moments when I really appreciated my knowledge of other things beyond the classroom. I have never been the smartest in class but I do read. I read random things. I watch random things. I listen to random things. It is one of the things that I love about myself. Fortunately, when I was younger, my mum always made it a point of duty when we went on vacations to take us on tours. I always enjoyed those. I mean, waking up in the morning to go on a tour could be stressful sometimes but it was always a learning experience for me.

I appreciate the fact that she did that because it made me know different things about the world. I feel like I have so much knowledge of different things in my head that I might not even remember that I know. However, when the situation arises, it comes out.

I believe that you can never have too much knowledge. I think that it’s important to read and learn and open our minds to different things. I do not know everything but I try my best to learn about different things when I can.

So, today I just want to encourage everyone to always be open to expanding your knowledge. You never know but it may come in handy at the moment when you need it.


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Must Watch: The Keepers

So, I just finished watching this new Netflix documentary called The Keepers and it has led me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Before I get into it, I just want to give Netflix a big round of applause because they make documentaries so well. They do their best to get all sides and it is truly amazing. This one was really well made and I am glad I got to see it. I also want to say Thank you to them for sharing these stories because people need to know about them.

Now let’s get into it.

So, The Keepers is a documentary that explores the unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. Sister Cathy was a nun who was a teacher at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore when she disappeared on November 7th, 1969. Her body was eventually found on January 3rd, 1970. Now this documentary was made largely due to the efforts of Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Fitzgerald Schaub who were former students of Sister Cathy and took it upon themselves to research and investigate the case to figure out who killed her.

In investigating this case, the sexual abuse that had been going on in that school by the chaplain, Father Joseph Maskell came to light. This ‘father’ abused so many students at that school and even invited other people like priests and policemen to take part in this disgusting act. This also explores possible cover-ups by the police, FBI and the Catholic church. It horrifies me that this man was still allowed to keep on preaching. It sickens me that he was never arrested. I feel sick that those that were supposed to protect these kids – the police and the church – did nothing. My heart broke for all the victims. No one deserves to have gone through what they went through.

While I wish that this man got to suffer the consequences of his actions on this earth, I know that God is the ultimate judge and he might have been able to get away with it here on earth but he must be a fool if he thinks that that is the end.

Once more, I just want to thank Gemma and Abbie for not giving up. If not for them and their perseverance, I probably would have never even heard of this. I thank the survivors of the abuse who were so brave as to speak out. It takes a lot of guts and courage and I am truly truly thankful to them. And finally to Netflix for giving this story a platform. You all the real MVP’s.

If you haven’t seen this, I implore you to do so. I didn’t really go too much into it because it is better to see it there. In fact, there is so much I haven’t spoken about but you can watch it all there. It is a hard watch but I think it’s a necessary one. You can also read an article on Huffington Post written in 2015 about Sister Cathy’s murder here.

I would love to hear from you so please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Music: Blessings

So, it’s Saturday again and I wanted to share a song that inspired me this week. I love Chance the Rapper so much. I think he is such a great role model and so talented and I love how proud he is to be a child of God. He is only 24 years old and he is already changing lives through his music and in his community and it feels my heart with joy and makes me want to aspire to be greater.

His mixtape, Coloring Book is such an amazing piece of work and I love each and every song. This song, however has been on replay this week. It just makes me smile and I couldn’t agree more with the statement, When the praises go up, the blessings come down.

So, I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. It seems like blessings keep falling in my lap.