Photos: A Day in the Life

So. I wanted to do something different today. I wanted to share pictures of a day in my life. I am pretty boring. If I don’t really have any business to be outside, I stay at home. Today, I had a physiotherapy appointment at 10 a.m., so I got up at around 6.30 a.m to jog a little bit (Still trying to get into it) and after my appointment, I went shopping for some groceries and I came home and just chilled for the rest of the day. It’s pretty boring but I just wanted to share it with ya’ll.

So, as I mentioned earlier, I got up around 6.30 a.m and went for a jog (btw, I only started doing this a couple of days ago. Trying to be more healthy you, know 🙂 )

Today was going to be really sunny, so I decided to just wear some short shorts and a nice enough shirt (I’m not no fashionista or nothing. Lol)


After having a shower and praying, I had some breakfast while watching Wendy Williams (I love to watch her when I wake up. She is usually the first thing I watch). I had noodles and some fried eggs.


Then, after hopping on a bus. I took a train to Stratford and then another to Harold Wood, where I have my physio appointments.


So, I’m in the train chilling. Lol. I’m listening to music and playing Ludo on my I-pad. Lol


Then after reaching Harold Wood, I walk to the Willow Herbal Centre where I have my physio.


After my appointment, I take a train back.


When I got to Woolwich, I needed a couple of things, so I went to Tesco to get them.


What’s in my basket? Lol

When I get home, I just snuggle up to watch my shows. This show I’m watching is called ‘The Americans’. I’m binge-watching it and it’s super awesome. Please, no spoilers (if you watch it)


I’m trying to be cute


Then, I have a snack and I fall asleep. Lol


I slept for a really long time and when I got up, I cleaned the house a little bit and I started to cook dinner. That’s some chicken that I’m making.


So, that’s pretty much it. I am just about to eat. I know it’s a bit late but I don’t really care. 🙂 So, there you have it. That is my boring ass day. Do you guys even care? Anyway, so this is me attempting something new. Maybe I’ll do this another time when I have more interesting things going on. Today was a good day though. Everything was pretty straight forward and I’m just grateful to God for life.Waking up every morning is not beans at all. Thank you for sticking with me. :*


P.S. If you’re curious as to how the chicken turned out. (Pardon, me I’m not that great of a photographer but it tastes really good.) I’m still going to fry it though.



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