Knowledge is Power

So. Sometime last year when I was still doing my Masters, I went to a study area in my uni to get some work done. As I was there, I looked at the notice board and saw a paper pinned on it. The paper on the board spoke about something called the Stanford Prison Experiment. I was intrigued. Things like this typically get my attention. I had never heard about it and so I decided to read up on it. I must say, it was a very interesting read.

Now, the next day I had a marketing class. I wasn’t paying much attention until my lecturer asked the class if anyone had heard about the Stanford Prison Experiment. Now, I  had only just read this the day before and it was so fresh in my mind. It turns out I was the only one that knew about it and so I was able to basically download everything I had read.

Now, when I read about this experiment, I was just reading for fun. It was more of a psychology thing than a business thing so what are the odds that it would come up in my marketing class? But it did and when I spoke about it in class, I felt really good about myself.

Now, that is just one of those moments when I really appreciated my knowledge of other things beyond the classroom. I have never been the smartest in class but I do read. I read random things. I watch random things. I listen to random things. It is one of the things that I love about myself. Fortunately, when I was younger, my mum always made it a point of duty when we went on vacations to take us on tours. I always enjoyed those. I mean, waking up in the morning to go on a tour could be stressful sometimes but it was always a learning experience for me.

I appreciate the fact that she did that because it made me know different things about the world. I feel like I have so much knowledge of different things in my head that I might not even remember that I know. However, when the situation arises, it comes out.

I believe that you can never have too much knowledge. I think that it’s important to read and learn and open our minds to different things. I do not know everything but I try my best to learn about different things when I can.

So, today I just want to encourage everyone to always be open to expanding your knowledge. You never know but it may come in handy at the moment when you need it.


Photo: Insurance Age

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