For the Black Beauties – Spoken word poetry by Joshua Bennet

by dolly21

Hi beautiful people,

This week I am celebrating black women all over the world because I feel like a lot of the time this world puts us down and I want to use this time to lift us up because we deserve it. Most of the time, our black men do not show us love but it’s not all black men. It’s not like we need validation from anyone other than God but it is always nice to hear. Today, I am sharing a spoken word poem by an amazing man by the name of Joshua Bennet and the name of the poem is, 10 Things I want to say to a Black Woman. I have actually shared it on this blog years ago but I don’t think the video is available anymore but I found a captioned one on Youtube.

The first time I heard this poem, I just smiled. It completely lifted me up and I feel like it is something that all black women need to hear.

Always remember my beauties that we are stars. We are magical, we are Queens and we are magnificent. Always tell yourself that and I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Hope you enjoy the poem. It is captioned so you can read along. If it isn’t on, just turn the CC button on the video on. Enjoy!



Photo: Pinterest