For the Black Goddesses – Don’t Let Anyone Steal Your Magic

When Solange’s A Seat At the Table came out last year, I was so excited. Apart from the fact that I love Solange as a person and as an artist, this album was such a magical piece of art and she touched on so many things pertaining to black women.

On one of her interludes, I Got so Much Magic, You Can Have it, she does a short a cappella with her friends Kelly Rowland and Nia Andrews that just basically states that ‘don’t let anybody steal your magic’ and the part I like best is at the end where they confidently state ‘I got so much ya’ll’ 

The interlude really touched me and I just wanted to use it to remind us that we have so much magic and we should be proud of it and not let anyone make us feel like we are less deserving or treat us less than we deserve.

My beautiful black Queens, always remember that you are special and wonderfully made by God. Hope this touches you as much as it did me.


Photo: Tim Okamura

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