Music: Boys to Men

So. I love New Edition. I just became a new fan. I always knew who Bobby Brown was and I knew a song by Johnny Gill but I never knew the other guys and when I watched the New Edition movie a couple of months ago – which was so so good by the way -, I fell in love.

These guys are so awesome and so professional. Brooke Payne instilled so much professionalism in them that is still there even after over two decades in the music industry. I just love them so so much and I’m glad that I got a chance to know who them while they’re still here.

Anyway, this song is one of my favourite songs and I got to tell you, that Johnny Gill can sing. He is definitely not the best dancer in the group but he can sing your edges off…and his voice in this song is just so incredible, it can reach deep down in your soul. If you didn’t know, the title of this song also inspired the name of another famous boy group. Which group do you think it is? Lol.

Anyway, enjoy the song and let me know your thoughts. Always love to hear them. ❤



Photo: Amazon

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