I have had a really difficult time transitioning into this next chapter of my life

Hi guys,

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I spent the whole of last week gallivanting from city to city for the graduation of two of my wonderful friends. I had a really great time with them and unfortunately, when I am moving around like that, I find it really difficult to write. I am a person of routine, although ironically I don’t always keep to it but a lot of times it is important for me to be in a regular environment to be able to keep doing certain things that I do and writing is one of them. Any change in that order always leaves me a bit lost.

Anyway, that aside, as much as I enjoyed my friends’ graduations and as proud as I am of both of them, the ceremonies made me think about my life a whole lot.

You know, I have had a really difficult time transitioning into this next chapter of my life. The graduation ceremonies reminded me of the fact that I feel really stagnant right now and I don’t think I have ever really felt this way – I mean, I have had little flashes of it in the past but not like this. Point is, I am just not sure where I am headed right now.

I know that everyone has a different path and I shouldn’t really compare myself to others but honestly, it is hard to do so and I am just trying to just encourage myself in every way.

Anyway, I’m back now people and I am glad to be writing again for you all. I am going to be experimenting with a bunch of blog themes over the next couple of days just to see what works and what doesn’t. So, please stick with me as I try to figure it out and you can also let me know if you see one that you like but I just wanted to keep you all informed.


Till next time my darlings. ❤


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