Music: The Box

Hi guys,

So, I was not really in a writing mood yesterday so, I didn’t get a chance to share some music as I always do on Saturdays. I am feeling better today and I love this song so much that I could not go another week without sharing.

So, I am absolutely in love with M.I. Abaga. I believe that he is the greatest African rapper of all time. Don’t throw tomatoes if you do not agree with me. It is how I feel right now. I have never heard any African artist spit the way he does and there might be some rappers out there that spit just as well or even better, but I haven’t heard them yet and so based on my experience and as of right now, he is the G.O.A.T. for me. This is not to say, there aren’t others who are great, it’s just that M.I. reaches me on a deeper level and I am in a different space when I listen to him.

The song I am sharing – The Box – is from his mixtape, Illegal Music 3 and it basically encourages artists to never let anyone put them in a box. This can also apply to anything you do. Don’t let anyone tell you that something cannot be done. We are made in the image of the Most High God and so we have it in us to do anything. Never limit yourself and never let anyone limit you.

The song features Pryse and CKay.

Hope you enjoy the song and let me know what you think.


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