Girls Trip is not just a movie; it’s an experience!

by dolly21

On Friday, my girl – Akunna – and I decided to go and watch Girls Trip at the cinema and I have to tell you, we had such an amazing time. The movie was really good and so funny and definitely one that I would see over and over again.

For those who don’t know what Girls Trip is about, I’ll give a little premise without providing any spoilers. So, the movie is about four black women who have been friends since college and haven’t seen each other in a while. So, when one of them gets the hook-up to go to EssenceFest in New Orleans – all expenses paid – she decides to go on the trip with her girls. Their journey and their time at EssenceFest is filled with a lot of laughs and life changing moments.

Apart from the wonderful movie, I actually enjoyed being in the cinema. There were so many women; so many black women who were there. In fact, I only saw a guy or two. Women came with their girls to enjoy this movie and it felt like a sisterhood in there. We all laughed together and there were moments where you hear everyone go ‘Mmmhhhmmmm’ at a scene. It was like we could all relate to the women in the movie. It was so beautiful to see and experience.

It felt like we were all going on a Girls Trip and it brought us all together for the couple of hours that we were there. If you haven’t seen it, I think you are really really missing out. I think it is important to go with your girls and support the movie at the cinema. I believe this is one of those movies that you don’t want to wait for it to come out so that you can watch it at home alone. I mean you can do that, but after you’ve seen it at the cinema. You have to experience the shared bond that women come to share at this movie and you will not regret it.

You can check out the trailer below:

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Dolly. ❤