The Book of Joshua

Hi guys,

So I am pleased to say that I have finished the book of Joshua. I actually finished reading it yesterday but I wasn’t really in the state of mind to write on it so I decided to do it today. All glory belongs to the Most High for this journey and I feel great sharing this with you all.

I found the book of Joshua to be about one thing and one thing alone – Entering the Promised Land. Since Genesis, God had made a promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that their descendants will enter the promised land. This promise was fulfilled in this book and I learned some interesting things that I would like to share.

  1. Rahab: I found Rahab to be one of the most interesting characters in this book. When Joshua sent spies to explore the city of Jericho, Rahab took it upon herself to protect them from being caught. All she needed in return was that she, along with her family will be protected when Israel finally conquered the land. Rahab knew that God had already given them victory and she was able to keep herself and her family safe because she believed in what God could do and when the day of reckoning came, no harm came to any of them. It took faith for her to do that and she trusted in who God was and that is what we always need to do. We need to trust in God even when things seem impossible because with God, all things are possible.
  2. You can’t trick God: Another story that I found interesting in this book is the story of Achan’s sin. God gave the Israelites a warning in Joshua 6:18-19 (GNT),

But you are not to take anything that is to be destroyed; if you do, you will bring trouble and destruction on the Israelite camp. Everything made of silver, gold, bronze, or iron is set apart for the Lord. It is to be put in the Lord’s Treasury

HIs warning was very clear but Achan not only disobeyed him but made the mistake of thinking that he could actually trick God. In Chapter 7, God exposed him and Achan confessed in 7:21(GNT),

Among the things we seized I saw a beautiful Babylonian cloak, about five pounds of silver, and a bar of gold weighing over one pound. I wanted them so much that I took them. You will find them buried inside my tent with the silver at the bottom.

You can’t trick God. God knows everything and we have no way of hiding anything from Him. Achan thought he could deceive God by hiding the things he took (Ananias and Sapphira  anyone?) but God proved once again that He is omniscient and we should never forget that.

3. It is always good to consult God when making major decisions: Speaking of God being omniscient, it is always better to speak to God when making any sort of decision. God knows all and because of this, He is able to provide us with the best course of action when moving forward. In Joshua 9, the people of Israel were tricked into partaking in a treaty because they did not consult God. It states in 9:14-15(GNT),

The Israelites accepted some food from them, but did not consult the Lord about it. Joshua made a treaty of friendship with the people of Gibeon and allowed them to live. The leaders of the community of Israel gave their solemn promise to keep the treaty.

As human beings, there are always going to be times when we feel we can make certain decisions by ourselves; the people of Israel did it and so have we, time and time again. God would not force us to come to him but it is always a better choice to consult Him when those times come because He has already seen it all and He can provide us with the best direction for us to follow.

4. Decide for yourself who you will serve: Joshua 24:15 is one of the most popular verses in the book of Joshua. This is where Joshua states : “As for my family and me, we will serve the Lord” What have you decided to do? It is all up to you.

5. Joshua dies: In Chapter 24, we find out that Joshua died at the age of 110. As soon as I read this, all I could feel was joy for him because he had fulfilled the purpose for which he was sent. Joshua was going to be the one that led the people into the promised land and he was able to achieve that with God leading him. At the end of my own life, I want to be able to leave the world knowing that I fulfilled my purpose.



  1. Did you know about the day the sun stood still and did not go down? So Joshua 10:12-14 speaks of a very interesting time in history and I wanted you guys to see it too in case you didn’t know about it because I certainly didn’t. It reads:

On the day the Lord gave the men of Israel victory over the Amorites, Joshua spoke to the Lord. In the presence of the Israelites he said,

“Sun, stand still over Gibeon;

Moon, stop over Ajalon Valley.”

The sun stood still and the moon did not move until the nation had conquered its enemies. This is written in the Book of Jasher. The sun stood still in the middle of the sky and did not go down for a whole day. Never before, and never since, has there been a day like it, when the Lord obeyed a human being. The Lord fought on Israel’s side. 

Pretty amazing right?

That’s it guys. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. As always, I have enjoyed sharing this with you all and I appreciate you for reading. I thank God for giving me the strength to continue and I’m happy to be moving forward.

I started the Book of Judges today. I have actually been looking forward to this because Judges has a lot of stories in it. I will be back to share on it when I am done reading.

If you have any thoughts on this post, please leave your comments below. I always love hearing from you.

Till next time my darlings,

Stay blessed xx




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