I got baptised yesterday

Hey guys,

So I wanted to share something amazing with you all. I got baptised yesterday. I had been thinking about getting baptised for a while. I was born into the Anglican Church and so when I was born my parents got me baptised in the church – which (because I was a baby) involved sprinkling water on my face.

And for a long time I was okay with that. However, ever since I started on a new spiritual relationship with God, I have wanted to make a conscious decision to be baptised. So, I applied for it in my church and for a moment, I had forgotten about it because I hadn’t heard anything back but about a week ago, I got a text from my church inviting me to come for the baptism class and then take part in the baptism on the 25th – which was yesterday.

So, I went for the baptism class and I got baptised yesterday. It was really wonderful. I had a friend of mine, Rebecca there with me. It was such a wonderful feeling you guys. I told myself that I would not try to force my feelings about it but honestly and truly, I felt so good. It really was something beautiful and honestly, what I felt can’t really be put into words.

I am so glad thatI did this. It was remarkable and I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you guys for always being here.

God bless.



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