Oh, on and on, and on and on, my cypher keeps moving like a rolling stone.

– Erykah Badu

My very first memory of music is of me playing my ‘do-re-mi’s’ on the keyboard that was stationed in my home. I see myself sitting there at the age of 3 (I think) with a man (who I assume was my music teacher) teaching me how to play.

So before I really knew how to sing songs, I already knew how they were made. I knew the structure of it. Music is in my blood. Music is in my being. There is a song for every mood. A song for every feeling. If you are heartbroken, there is a piece of music that will reflect your pain. If you are feeling happy, there is a piece of music that will reflect your euphoria. Music reveals your true self. Music is a language. A language that I love with every fibre of my being.

And this is a language that I want to communicate in my writing as well.

I took up script writing last year. I have written a couple of scripts now and it is something that I have enjoyed creating. In doing so, I want to merge two things that I love – writing and music.

That is something that I want to keep working on this year. I want to keep this relationship with music going because without music, where would we be?

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