Consider what you owe to his immutability. Though you have changed a thousand times, He has not changed once.

– Charles Spurgeon

I have never met a perfect person. In my 8089 days of living, I am yet to meet or hear to someone that is just 100% absolutely, positively perfect. However, I am aware of an entity who is perfect in every way and that is God.

God is the only perfect being that was, is and is forever. He is faithful, kind, loving and every other amazing adjectives. The way that God loves me is like none other. You see humans aren’t perfect and no matter how hard we try, we can never be perfect. We will always make mistakes. It is just the way it is and the good thing about it is that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect.

And thank God for that because I have done some shitty things in my life but what I have discovered is that some how, some way, even when I don’t deserve it – which quite frankly is never – He loves me anyway. He is always right there, loving me and waiting for me to come to Him.

You know if I had a friend or a loved one who constantly – without fail – hurt me or did something bad to me, at some point, my patience will probably run out but see, that’s not the same with God. His patience never runs out.

I just…I have come to see that God really and truly is everything and I yearn to know him more and more. Unfortunately,  I am still at the point where I have not let go of a lot of my bad habits. It is hard, I won’t lie but I want to try. I do not even know if I am ready to try to be perfectly honest but I do want to keep working on my relationship with God. Even though, my spiritual life is really shaky, I feel like this is the best it has ever been because more than ever, I understand God a whole lot more than I did even a year ago.

I know that He loves me so much and I have faith in Him and I acknowledge what Jesus did for me on the cross and I am so thankful for it because I would be so doomed without  that beautiful price that He paid for me.

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