Too Much Flexing in Lagos

So, last week Friday, one of my close friends, Abiola turned a year older. Sheyi, Abiola and I always try to do something for each other when our birthdays come around so, as we are such busy people, we decided to take Abiola out for dinner on Sunday when we were less busy.

So, as we were searching for places to go, my friend Millicent (as I was in her house at the time) suggested that we try a place called ‘Brass and Copper’ which happened to be on the Island. So, in looking at their social media accounts, Sheyi realised that, that very Sunday that we planned to go was their grand opening. Coincidence right? Anyway, we decided that it will be nice to go there and check out what is going on.

So, later that evening, I dressed up like a doll and had my Taxify driver take me to the restaurant which also happened to have a bar as well as Shisha. Abiola got there before me, so I headed straight to the bar to meet him there. As, we sat there talking, we looked around to get a feel of the place. It was not a bad place at all. Personally, since I got back two months ago, I haven’t really been to a place like this in Lagos. So, it was definitely nice to be out at a place like this. Sheyi eventually joined us and we went to the restaurant area to have some good food and drinks and nice conversation.

At some point during our dinner, I started to notice that this seemed to be a hot spot for the night. It seemed like all the big Lagos boys and babes decided to converge here for a meeting on this special day. As I turned to my back, I saw Toke Makinwa there, who is a popular socialite and a TV personality in Lagos. I studied her for a couple of seconds and turned away to focus on my friends. We had some good food and it was just nice to hang out with each other because we do not get to do that often. Sitting there, I was feeling like such a grown up because I realised that this was now my life. My life was now NYSC, work, public transport, the occasional Owambes(Lagos parties) and once-in-a-while dinner with friends. This is now my life.

After dinner and walking around for a bit, I decided to go home since it seemed like we had peaked for the night. Abiola and Sheyi decided to wait with me as I waited for my taxi. At that moment, I started to hear sirens. Okay, what is going on? Next thing you know, I am seeing this car trying to park in front of the building and I notice that this big car with the sirens is protecting this man driving his Lamborghini. Now, bear in mind, I am not sure I had ever seen a Lamborghini this close to me in my life. I think I saw one once race past on a road in London but I had actually never seen one so close before in my life. The first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘Omo, too much flexing in Lagos.’ which only made Abiola giggle.  Lol. And in that moment, I had a conversation with myself.

In looking at all the pomp and glamour,  I realised the pressure that people faced in Lagos. There is this pressure to be a big boy or a big babe in Lagos. No matter where you look, you see it. On social media, in restaurants, in bars, while hanging out with friends. While I want to get to a point in my life where I am successful and celebrating my success, I never want to feel pressured into being something or somebody that I am not. I always want to remain me and a big fear for me is that I lose sight of who I am. So, I am going to make a conscious effort to always stay true to myself no matter what and live my life as honest and as free as I possibly can.

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