The Buhari Administration is so tone-deaf, it’s ridiculous.

A couple of weeks ago, I was going to visit a friend and I requested for a Taxify to take me to my destination. As we went along on this journey, the driver and I started to have a chat. We spoke about a great many things but mostly, we spoke about the state of our country, Nigeria.

He expressed a lot of pain and anger at the fact that as a graduate, he had to become a Taxify driver because of the state of unemployment in the country.

Of everything he said, one statement from our conversation has always stayed with me. At the time, Yusuf Buhari, the President’s son had been in a coma after being involved in a horrible accident. The accident was as a result of a power bike crash which is reported to have been purchased at a sum of 56 million naira ($157,000). He was transported to Germany to receive treatment and only returned to the country a few days ago.

Now, when I was talking to this driver, he wished for the death of Buhari’s son and he was not apologetic about it. There were a couple of reasons he listed for this statement. To begin with, the fact that the President’s son was able to purchase such an expensive power bike in a country that is dealing with economic issues angered him so much. He goes, “How old is Yusuf Buhari? Has he ever worked for anything in his life? Yet, he is able to buy a power bike for 56 million and Buhari will be saying that times are hard.”

The other reason he gave was also because he wanted Buhari to feel the pain that the entire country was feeling. You know, when he made this statement, it was so shocking to me that he could say that. However, after listening to him talk more and more, I began to understand why he said what he said. He was in so much pain and he was angry at a country that takes everything but never gives anything back. He told me how he had to relocate to Ogun State because times became so tough and money became tight and so he could not afford to live in Lagos anymore. So, everyday he drives down to Lagos to do the Uber and Taxify work.

I would never wish harm on anyone and I am glad that Yusuf Buhari has recovered from such a horrible crash. However, it seems to me that the Buhari administration is so tone-deaf, it’s ridiculous. I tell you, they act like Aso Rock is the entire country. It’s like they forget that there are millions of people that are living from hand to mouth everyday.

I have been fortunate enough to have never wanted for anything in my life. I have never had to struggle to get anything and I honestly thank God for that. However, even for me, there are things that I have seen in this country that just make me so sad. The economy is in shambles yet, you will see politicians living with enough means to own an entire city. Our healthcare system is a mess; Corruption and unemployment is the order of the day; Boko Haram is still operating and Fulani herdsmen are killing people. Honestly, this whole country is a mess. It is little wonder why people like the Taxify driver are angry when this administration seems to not be paying attention to the plight of the people.

We have to do better. This administration has to do better.

Photo: BusinessDay

3 thoughts on “The Buhari Administration is so tone-deaf, it’s ridiculous.

  1. I am so tired of this country called Nigeria.. it’s like progress doesn’t exist in our dictionary at all.. the things Nigerians have to go through because of greedy politicians and the belief that God will miraculously change the country for us is appalling.. if you ask me where we need to start from to change this country I genuinely cannot tell u but maybe if we were a little less selfish just a little and love our neighbours a little more just a little maybe, just maybe this country would have a chance at progress.

    1. I completely agree with you babe. This country is at a standstill and I do not know where we are going at all. And yes, maybe if we try our best to love ourselves a little more, we might stand a chance. Thanks for reading babe. ❤️❤️

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