Right now
Right here
In this moment
With you holding me so tight
With our legs intertwined
With your lips on mine
I feel at peace
I feel like the sea when it is still and enjoying the sun
I feel like I’ve been born again
Into a world where there is no chaos
A world that only seems to exist in the clouds

Right here
Right now
In this moment
You’ve created paradise
How you did it, I don’t know…
But I do know
That this moment is one that I would love to last forever.

I’m going to miss my allawee!

Hey guys,

I know. I know. I have been a wasteman with this blogging thing. I have been very busy over the last few months. My work took over my entire life. In fact, I have lost so much weight. Before, I left the house this morning, my mum was like “You have really lost weight oh…What happened? Are you okay?”

And yes, I am very okay. I have just been stressed and my appetite was very low for a bit but generally, I am fine. All glory belongs to my saviour, Jesus.

So, my national service would finally be coming to an end this week by God’s grace. I am so ready for it to end and even though I have some plans for the future, the fear of the unknown is a real fear. I want it to end but if you guys have followed me long enough, you will know that change scares the shit out of me. But you know what, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Would I miss NYSC? HELL NO! However, I would miss the friends that I have made this year.  I know that the end of this service means that I won’t be seeing them as much anymore.  I would also miss my allawee! That credit alert every month was heaven! I’m telling you, the fact that you have ₦19800 coming into your account every month is a wonderful feeling. It takes some load off one’s chest. There are times that I’ve been so broke but then I remember that at least, money will enter my account at the end of the month.

I never really wanted to serve. It always just seemed stressful and a big waste of time. However, man plans and God laughs — so they say. And I do not regret it. I am grateful for the experience and I am ready to move forward to the next phase of my life.